New Year: New Project?

Created by FJVarro on Jan. 9, 2018, 6:56 a.m.
  • Does anyone have new year's resolutions that are maker/creative related? Maybe a new project you've been meaning to start (or finish...)? Maybe a holiday gift that got your gears turning? The good good McElroy Brothers from My Brother, My Brother, and Me are calling 2018 Collabor18: Better Together (inspired by this amazing comedy bit: try to inspire people to work together. Anyone have someone they have been meaning to get a project going with?

    I have a two year old, and I'm (in theory) a month out from a newborn being added to the mix, so my making time is going to me... slim. However I got not only an Arduino Starter Kit so I can finally start messing with that stuff, but also House- the Process is the Inspiration, which has been AMAZING at getting my creative juices flowing, and as part of prep for the baby I need to move my computer out into the living room, and my current desk doesn't really fit, so I may be taking on my second major woodworking project (after the crib I built for baby #1).

    Anyone else?

  • When the team did that big perfect grade Gundam, I coveted it deeply. So much so, that on our second date my (now) wife bought me one as a birthday present. That was over a year ago. It has become one of those, "When we have the space... free time.... etc..." projects and it is still in the box. I'd like to tackle that this year. We are house-hunting as well, so I too would like a desk upgrade for the new place. I'd like to build myself a standing desk, but want to find a good, powerful electric base that I can customize for my needs. I'm also working on designing a special gift for my Wife for our anniversary. I'll post some process stuff here after I deliver the gift if anyone is interested.

    Congrats on the family!

  • Since I am the proud owner of an entry level Table Saw now (how Santa got it down the chimney remains a mystery) 2018 is the year of learning woodworking for me. I'm an avid follower of Steve Ramsey's you tube channel so it's time to stop watching and start making. (Check out and

    The list of projects I have so far...

    Just need to clear all the crap out of my garage (you know, boxes, old furniture, cars etc) and I'm good to go.

  • .. oh... and I've still not built by Bandai Millennium Falcon yet... must get round to that

  • The start of the year is for workshop improvements in my shop. I just made a rolling miter saw cart, with folding wings, that will handle my miter saw needs for the foreseeable I'm trying to get a handle on electronics components. I have been collecting Stanley shallow sorters for some time now, and will build a rack to hold them. This will replace a bunch of multi drawer cabinets and clean out several drawers, resulting in a neater and more efficient storage scheme The final shop project is making a stand for a Harbor Freight portable metal cutting bandsaw, something I saw on YouTube.

    My main hobby is building radio control model warships, so after that, it's back to my 1/100 scale Gneisenau. Hopefully this year will see a lot of progress on that beast.