Each "show" should have its own landing page... or just better navigation?

Created by zigorama on Dec. 19, 2017, 9:38 p.m.
  • Hi all,

    I have really been enjoying Jeremy and Sean's Bits to Atoms series, and wish there was a way to just navigate to those specific videos. That got me thinking... what about Lego with Friends, Science in Progress, One Day Builds... Can I humbly request a feature? I would like to be able to mouse-over "Videos" in the header bar and the drop down reveals every recurring show, so I can navigate to the series I want and watch any or all in chronological order. Wouldn't that be great?! Maybe there's an even better way to do this? Suggestions are super-encouraged!

    If you agree, maybe post a "yea!" in the thread so we can get the attention of someone who could make it happen.

    Thanks all!

  • Very Yes. The "topics" for the videos needs to be updated. Inside Jamie's Shop?.

  • I agree, the menu bar across the top of the page needs updated/pruned and the newer-ish podcasts need their own landing pages.

  • Thanks for the +1's!

  • I agree - The navigation could be better, also in regards to finding older videos, or searching for certain topics.

  • Yes. It's a real pain browsing premium content.

    Categorize please.