Video Idea/Request

Created by NathanLange on Dec. 19, 2017, 9:10 a.m.

  • My apologies if this is not the place to ask this, but I have a Request for a video for tested that i was hoping to find but i couldn't see on yet.

    As someone who recently got to design my own small workshop from the ground up to my own likes, i was Wandering how Everyone, especially Adam and Frank Ippolito Keeps there spaces clean both between projects and while working on them.

    Clearly things like Spray paints, Disk/belt sanders, Table saws and Lathes Generate a lot of mess in a quick amount of time. so i would really love to see how other people manage the clean up.

    I think i notice in some videos Dust Hoods and extractors being used and Adams pull down Air compressor dusting but I think full video on all the kind of stuff could be very helpful.

    Nathan Lange :)