TechShop files for Bankruptcy, closes all US shops effective 11/15/17

Created by robotscarecrow on Nov. 15, 2017, 5:55 p.m.

    Techshop Pittsburgh was slated to close Sept 1, but we were given a reprieve until Nov 30. This sudden announcement probably hit the other shops harder, since they weren't preparing for a closing.

    This is a terrible blow to the Maker community. I BORROWED $7500.00 to purchase a Lifetime Membership in March, 2016. I thought it was good for MY lifetime, not that of the company. This will financially destroy me, and end my small business.

    To all the Makers who are affected by this, I offer my condolences. I hope that we can recover from the loss of this great resource. I have many friends whose livelihood depended on the use of TechShop's equipment, and I am sorry I can't help.

  • Huge bummer, especially for all you commercially-oriented (non-hobbyists) out there.

    Wonder if anyone can point us in the direction of similar maker spaces available in the Bay Area? Are they out there?

    Will be interested to see if someone AHEM, Adam, picks up the ashes from TechShop and tries to make it work again.