Your best/favorite tech purchase

Created by Riezner on March 15, 2012, 6:26 p.m.
  • Convincing my parents to buy a laserdisc in 1995 when I was six.
    No regrets...NO REGRETS YOU HERE ME!!!!!!!
  • My favorite tech purchase would be my Sennheiser HD595. I use them like +10 hours a day, everyday and they're just excellent.
  • I'm still delighted with my camera. If all goes well in the future I might end up with a pretty excellent studio set up. 
  • @Riezner: Yeah, I've actually bought them twice, used the first pair so much, that one of the speakers stop working. Try and look up HD800, those are the dream, if I would ever get rich xD
  • @Riezner: It's a Canon ZR900. It's not really that great, but it's suited my needs far better than I thought it would, especially for the price I got it. It gives me enough quality that I can hold out for a big step up for my next camera. 
  • Well I like my Iphone, and do video game consoles count because I love my 360 and PS3
  • My favorite purchase ever? Probably my now-defunct Creative Zen Vision:M. It was my first "hi-cap" PMP and it was what accelerated me from the "I listen to some music" stage to the "music occupies most of the times when everything else is silent, and most of the times when I don't want to hear anyone else anyway too" stage, and it served me well for years. Unfortunately its screen is broken now, but by that time I replaced it with my now-relegated-to-the-backup-seat Zune 80 which now cedes its position to a Zune HD. I think I have good taste in portable devices.
  • My PSP 2000, man I love using that thing.
  • @Emandudeguyperson said:
    " My PSP 2000, man I love using that thing. "
    Oh yes, my Star Wars PSP 2000 is also one of the best purchases I've ever made.
  • @Jayge said:
    " @Emandudeguyperson said:
    " My PSP 2000, man I love using that thing. "
    Oh yes, my Star Wars PSP 2000 is also one of the best purchases I've ever made. "
    OH SHIT, you have the Star Wars one?? I'll trade you! I'll give you my fucking house!!!!
  • Between my 24" Dell panel w/ the full egro stand, or my Astro A40. Seriously. These products rock.
  • Probably my iPod touch.
  • @Riezner: I lost my iPod Touch, and to be honest, I don't really miss it. Now I'm waiting for Android to invade my area, or the Courier (since the iPad is a fail)
  • Ooo, I have a few here. 
    I'll have to go with my Nikon 70-200mm lens though.  
  • @Addfwyn: Wow. I didn't think I'd see anyone choose a lens as their favourite tech piece. Must be amazing. /jealousOfSLR.
  • @MAGZine:  
    Well, the body is nothing without the lens, and the lens takes really nice shots.  It's manual focus only on my body, so I can't take quick shots with it.  But it takes better shots than my 50mm in the middle of its focal length.
  • @Addfwyn: That's true, but the lens is equally as nothing without the camera itself! How much does a lens like that cost?
  • @MAGZine:  
    I suppose I could peek through the receiving end and look at stuff :P.  It was just a little over $2,000.  Maybe about $2,200 when I got mine?
  • The Roku. I love that thing so much I want to interface with one of its myriad high-quality outputs. 
    Unless you want to reach back into the vaults, in which case I'd say the CD player I bought in 1994 or so for waaaaay too much money.
  • I got the Droid and it's my first smart phone.  I like it so far, wish I would have waited for the Nexus One though.
  • @Riezner said:
    " @extremeradical: I got a Touch when they first came out and were crazy overpriced. $300+ or something. Definitely one of the worst purchases I've made. Shoulda just gone with the iPhone for what I needed. I'm still pissed about that. I can't stand trying to find wi-fi. "
    Wi-fi access isn't much of a problem for me as I'm either at home or college. And for what I use a phone for, an iPhone seems ridiculous. 
    I really wanted to say my TV or clock radio, but that doesn't sound like a twenty-first century answer at all; far too simple.
  • Hm... Most of my tech isn't purchased by me personally... so I guess it's my Nintendo DS Lite, which is kinda sorta busted now.
  • I also owned a 3DO which I loved with all of my heart....
    Again no regrets....
  • I love love love my new Toshiba 32" LCD TV that I got from Amazon a month or so back. The price I paid ($400) for the size (twice as big as the TV I used to game on) and the goodies (1080p!) made me all warm and fuzzy inside. The computer I'm using at the moment is only a couple weeks old as well, and I'm digging Windows 7 and the faster processing speed.
  • For me I'd say my iPod Touch, I'm poor and can't afford a fancy iPhone :( but my iPod Touch is a great lightweight alternative to going on my computer for simple stuff like checking emails, IM and catching up with my RSS feeds... oh yeah, and it plays music too I guess lol; I just fucking hate having to use iTunes, so if Microsoft would sell me one here (UK) I'd gladly give them money for a Zune HD.

  • Annoying my parents to get a pc when i was 8 years old. Still remember it Windows 95 oh yeah.