Why I'm discontinuing my premium membership.

Created by shawjefft on Nov. 9, 2017, 9:23 a.m.
  • First and foremost - I love the tested crew. I love (most of) the content you produce. So why cancel my premium membership?

    Watching the premium content is a royal pain in the butt. I can only view it on the tested website, and really only practically on a computer. There's no easy way to throw it up on my chromecast or otherwise on my TV (without casting my android phone's entire screen, which means leaving the screen on, tilted sideways, and plugged into the wall so I don't have to kill my battery rapidly). It's a shame really. I love Bits to Atoms, Science in Progress, Lego with friends, This old FX shop, Unauthorized Commentary, etc. Just viewing it is a real pain, so I almost never watch it. It seems silly to pay for content that I don't watch. Even throwing the vids up on youtube as unlisted would be great.

    On content, and really this argument isn't universal - Tested's content seems to disproportionately covers VR technology. Whether that's paid for by VR manufacturers and games, is just an interest of the hosts or otherwise - I feel like I'm just watching a lot of advertisements for a technology and hardware I can't afford and don't really care to own. I just don't share that interest with tested, and that's okay. I'm sure VR enthusiasts love that content, but it's just not for me.

    Also, I've kind of given up on the tested forums. They've been so broken for so long, and it doesn't seem like that matters or is anywhere on the priority list to resolve. Spam is rampant, the editor breaks all the time. Just doesn't work for me.

    And lastly, what brought me to Tested was the maker community. It's not a ton of money, but I feel like it's better spread around to makers that need it. If that means buying a t-shirt, supporting on patreon, etc - that means supporting somebody that really needs that money to do what they do. Tested is not lacking in advertisers and sponsors. (Lets just say I know what dewalt and other similar sponsors pay per video to a channel this size).

    Overall, you folks do good work. If you make it easier for me to watch premium content, I'll likely be back.

  • Hey Shawjefft,

    Sorry to hear that the experience has been less than pleasurable. For a living room type experience, consider checking out the VRV app -- https://vrv.co/tested

    All of our premium content is posted there as well, and you'll have access to other networks as well. If you should cancel premium here, give the VrV trial a whirl.

    Thanks for the feedback, it's always appreciated.

  • @JoeyF: Hey Joey - Thanks! I didn't know about the VRV bit - is that advertised anywhere on the tested site? I must have missed that. Appreciate the heads up. Content like your Arctic expedition short film is the type of stuff I loved most on tested.

  • I just want to agree with the issue about the video player used for premium content. I don't know if it's just me but it seems very slow with buffering and it often changes to low res while watching. Isn't it possible to upload those to Youtube because these issues are sometimes so bad that it's unbearable to keep watching.

    While we're "complaining" i'd like to say this: For a channel thats all about promoting making, you guys put out suprisingly few videos about it. We've got bits to atoms (which is great btw, i love the crew and those projects) but most of what you guys do is 3d printing, laser cutting and so on, things that aren't available to most people. Where is the handmade crafting that is accessible for young / poor makers? Woodworking, metalworking, sewing etc. And by that i don't mean kits, i mean things that require actual creativity.

    I think a new video series about more simplistic, basic woodworking/modelmaking would be a nice addition. Things that young people can do with just a few handtools. But i'm a woodworking nerd so i'm biased in that regard. I just feel that you guys aren't serving your biggest and most important demographic: young, creative people that love to make things with their hands.

    I love Tested and the whole crew, so hopefully i didn't come off negative or ungrateful. :)