Did Adam's record ship to Premium members yet?

Created by Iguanaman on Nov. 1, 2017, 6:11 p.m.
  • I tried a forum search but was not successful. Did Adam's record ship out yet? Just curious since I didn't get one.

  • @Iguanaman: Still awaiting mine as well

  • Ditto

  • Yes. Received today in southern new england.

  • Just received mine today (Maryland) put it right on the turntable and it sounds fantastic! Thanks, Adam and Tested!

  • @critter42 said:


    LOL, and yep got mine not 45 minutes after posting this

  • Yep, got mine today. Too bad I can't listen to it unless I join the hipster movement and buy a record player...

  • Got mine today, also no way to play it...

  • I do not got it yet... Did you guys got a email with a tracking number or something?

  • Nope, I saw on Twitter someone got it and a couple days later mine just showed up.

  • Just received it!! Great product!! Thanks Tested!!

    Strangely, while I live near Montreal in Québec Canada, Tested is in California, the record was produced in Detroit, but mine was posted from Malmo, Sweden?!

  • Never got my album....

  • ahw man! I cant wait for my reccord! Im hoping they send it to belgium.

  • Oh yeah! I just recieved mine... Awesome!

  • Just recieved mine here in Holland. For me an awesome crossover between my vinyl collecting and Tested!

    I also added it the Discogs database;

  • Got mine today (Netherlands) !

    No way to play it, but i'm happy enough just having something that has Adam Savage on it ;)

  • Mine was waiting for me at home in the UK today, that was a nice surprise.

    I immediately set about using the cardboard packaging to prototype some linkages for an automaton inspired Christmas present, which I suppose is appropriate.

    I also made a quick FLAC rip so if anyone who can't play it wants a copy PM me.

  • Got mine (Washington State).

  • There is still hope I guess although I don't have a turntable anymore so I can't play it anyway.

  • I just got mine today!

    Unfortunately my turntable doesn't appear to have the right speed or it's broken.

    It has 33 and 45 and both are too slow. Bummer. Even slow it still sounds awesome. Just curious what speed should it play at? My turntable is very old and has seen better days. It seems okay with standard size 33rpm vinyl.

    I have another turntable but it's not hooked up. In a box deep in a storage unit. Not sure I have the energy to pull it out and hook it up.

  • I finally got the record in the mail today. Yay!