Anyone else freezing there butts off?

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:26 p.m.
  • I'm just outside Phoenix, AZ and it's been consistently hovering around freezing during the day here. WTF, desert?
  • @pseudofengshui: lol, that is pretty messed up :P
  • I got slammed with a $330 gas bill for January and we keep the heat turned down the 60. That's what it costs to heat a house that has no insulation with a crappy furnace, I guess. The heat's turned down to 55, now.
  • @WesleyFenlon: Yeah I got a $150 electric bill (includes heat charges) for January and about had a heart attack :P

  • That sucks I have yet to find a house in my price range and in my town (seriously no houses here under $500, 000 and its a tiny village) so I am still renting an all inclusive apartment. I waste electricity like its nobodys business...
  • lol, no wonder you have such folding power :D
  • @WolfOfOne:
    I'm not even making light of the situation I bake a baked potato almost daily all by itself in my full on oven and i have a smaller toaster oven available, I also leave all the lights on and have several tvs, computers, and dont turn of my stereo reciever I. 
    also I throw a large percent or recycleables into the garbage.... (but thats just bonus info on my environmental efforts)
  • @cripplecaptain: lol!  Lucky, lucky! :D
  • @gerter:
    Glad you found it interesting.  Welcome to the forums!
  • @WesleyFenlon:  I have the exact opposite problem. It's about 10 F out, I have most of the windows open, the heat is off, and it's 83 F in here. I have half a mind to crank up the air conditioner.
  • @Mirado: Waa!?  I'll trade places with ya, my balcony has about 5" of snow on it lol, and the ground is even worse lol. 3rd floor ftw.
  • @WolfOfOne: I'll trade with you any day; it may be 83 in my apartment but I had two solid inches of ice on my car from the same storm you got. I went through two cans of de-icer to get into my car and had to chisel the ice off of my windshield. I had a complete Jeremy Clarkson "I am the most miserable human being alive!" moment during that.
  • @Mirado: Right now my apartment is at 68 i believe (hotter in the room w/ the computer since it's folding away :P), I'm just ready for it to be warm out!! 
    But wow, that sucks about the ice.  At that point I would've just driven like Ace Ventura lol.
  • Clearly, you just need to move to good ol' temperate WA.

  • @Helushune: Or texas :D