Mad Scientist mentality

Created by TheCakeIsALie329 on Oct. 2, 2017, 9:28 a.m.
  • Hello everyone. I guess to start out with I have many ideas in the form of different stuff just circulating around in my brain. To say that I'm just glad I finally have an outlet to explore said ideas is quite the understatement, but I digress. These ideas are and are not limited too:

    - Iron Man Suite powered by a arduino and has electrical components and is automated when worn.

    - The inability to keep still because I'm just too excited to just sit idle and relax.

    - A home movie Sci-Fi film or post-apolcalyptic film about the end of the world. Basically the game Fallout but in real life.

    - numerous unfinished 3d models on Blender that only have begun to cause great stress because I have too many ideas.

    - and the knowledge of making sure that I don't overwhelm myself; among other ideas that I'm keeping to myself.

  • Sounds like you should buy, and then try sitting still for a while, and read the appropriate volumes from the Evil Genius Project book series.

    List the basics of your ideas, then follow through on the ones that fit your skills, time, budget, available space, etc.