i want a job here...

Created by CatpainTypo on March 15, 2012, 6:25 p.m.
  • Working for Whiskey Media is one of the best jobs I can think of, but considering I live in England, that's most likely never going to happen. The Whiskey staff are great because they are amazing at what they do, they are professionals with piles of experience, one of the major factors that makes the Whiskey sites great.
    Being a user and contributor (and moderator on Anime Vice) on the sites is enough for me. Though if they ever start paying people to professionally fill in the databases for the sites I'm totally signing up. Wouldn't mind that job at all.
    Like Will said though, if you seriously want to work for Whiskey, you need to do what they do (write about this stuff and become an expert) and get noticed, if you're good enough and they want you they'll contact you I'm sure.
  • @CatpainTypo: Your name as the word "typo" in it an at first I thought your user name was "CaptainTypo," now I'm not trying to be mean or anything buuuuuut I think you may be send the wrong message with your user name.
    In all reality writing is a business where determination is going to help above all other traits. Best of luck

  • I would totally work at Whiskey if I was even close to being qualified. 
    I'd mostly just sit around and eat things out of their mini-fridge. 
    Oh, wait...  That's what they do anyways, right?