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Created by Rallier on March 15, 2012, 6:24 p.m.
  • @WolfOfOne: Yeah but the guys got ripped off, a kidney's worth much more than an iPad, even in mexico.
  • @Rallier: Thanks 
    @Greg818: Agreed!  He shouldve at least gotten his money's worth!!
  • @WolfOfOne: Yeah, but I believe  it was in china, right? So, the exchange rate isn't the same there. It's even lower in India, he wouldn't even have gotten an entry level iPhone, maybe an iPod Nano? 
    Can't believe I'm joking about that... 
    Still, I prefer the "wife said 'No'" / "Apple said 'Yes'".
  • I wish I could contribute to this some how. I feel as though if I started to put something on I would not complete it somehow... But awesome to have this so far

  • So I've sorted out the navigation bar at the top. With my total lack of MediaWiki knowledge I was experting to break the entire wiki by editing that stuff, but it turns out my vague & uneducated guesses as to how that shit works was correct. I removed the popular pages button because it wasn't working. I added the staff (and Gary) to the "Tested Staff" dropdown and added another "Other Awesome Pages" dropdown with, you've guessed it, other awesome pages.

    EDIT: And I just added a link to the page that links to all the pages in the wiki.

  • OK, and I just spent some time in the theme editor making it look as much like tested as is possible. I think it looks pretty awesome myself. I hope you all like it. You may have to do a hard refresh (ctrl +F5) in order to see the new design. If you don't like it, just change it back. It's easy to just revert to an earlier design.

  • Haha, I tweeted @bagles about the wiki, and he is stoked:


  • So, how does one earn permission to edit pages (Particularly recommended builds)?

  • @Forte: create an account there, and let rallier know what your username is.  Dont be too harsh on me, I'm still in the process of updating the old stuff lol ;)
  • @Rallier: Can you Whitelist me? Username: .Forte

  • @Rallier said:

    @MattyFTM: Looks like some odd compression happened there, i'll give it a look.

    edit: i see what happened there, wikia imposes a 100kb size limit for background so it got compressed to meet that size.

    Yeah, it looks fine on my resolution, but I figured that might be an issue on higher res screens. I don't know if it would be possible to improve the quality of the image while reducing file size. Maybe a different file type would work better? If it just looks too janky & it's impossible to improve it, just remove it.

  • @Forte: I can't find you, can you give me a link to your user profile?
  • @WolfOfOne: http://tested.wikia.com/wiki/User:.Forte

    Note the period:


    Some jackass took Forte


  • @Forte: Ah, Rallier will have to do it.  I thought I could since I'm an admin, but I can only block ppl, not add them.  You need to be beauracrat or higher to add new admins.  I'm sure he'll get to it tonight, he's in the opposite time zone iirc :)
  • @Rallier: Thanks
  • @Rallier said:

    I'll look into deleting "forte" and changing your name this evening.

    Don't worry about it.

  • Just made an account with the same username as on these boards.

  • @Rallier: That's a fine overhaul you've done on the front page. Spiffy looking rotating header! I am a little sad to see Hardcore Dave go but its now professional looking and clean. I like what you've done with it


  • What did you do to get that rotating header? It's cool
  • @Rallier: ah, okay, thanks
  • @paladrache: Create a wikia account and then post here to let us know the account name.

  • @Rallier: Hey can I have access to add to the wiki? here is the link to my profile http://tested.wikia.com/wiki/User:Cripple_Captain

  • @Rallier: Awesome, how in depth of a wiki is this suppose to become? Should there be a How-to category?

  • @CrippleCaptain: It's going to end up being as in depth as we make it.

    This reminds me, I need to get back into it.