Does Itunes need a redesign?

Created by HypoXenophobia on March 15, 2012, 6:24 p.m.
  • I'm okay with it, what parts would you suggest a redesign for?  
    Also, do you mean the desktop client or the portable iTunes store?  
  • Ever since I got my iPod Touch, I've realized the Apps store and the Video store are next to impossible to find what you want. This morning, I was trying to find a couple video podcasts and had the hardest time finding any, mainly because they were normal audio podcast, with one video among them, which then classifies them as a video podcast. I think iTunes deserves a drastic overhaul. I could be wrong.
  • @Addfwyn: Hm, I was referring to the store, but thinking about it, the client does bother me a bit. Mainly, it gets really sluggish for no reason.
  • Oh, you're talking about the portable store.  Frankly, the only stuff I ever buy on the portable store is music (which it is wonderful for).  I've never tried adding podcasts to my iPod on the go, cause those are something I actually only listen to at my computer.  I can't really speak volumes on the ability to search for podcasts on the device, but I can see how it'd be annoying. 
    As far as looking for music, it works fine though, which I suppose is what it was originally designed for. 
    So yes, probably worth either further dividing the store or reorganizing it for the portable. 
    EDIT: Windows or Mac?  Apple has never been very good at making Windows software (nor MS at Mac software) so I wouldn't be surprised if the windows client was inefficient

  • @Addfwyn: I'm on Windows. I feel you and I are quite the inverse. I listen to podcasts mainly on my iPod, and music on my pc or my home theater.