Shipping desktop internationally - suggestions?

Created by Addfwyn on March 15, 2012, 6:24 p.m.
  •  I will soon be moving to Japan (for about two years, though I may come back to visit) and would kind of like to bring my iMac with me. I only recently got it as a gift (less than a year old) so I'd really rather not sell it and buy another one in Japan, as I'd not get nearly the value it's worth most likely.  Plus selling a gift just seems tacky.

    Does anyone have any advice for transporting it with me? My main options seem to be finding a way to pack it in one of my suitcases (thus losing a LOT of other packing room, and risking the integrity of the computer) or having it shipped over, which I believe would be very expensive. 

    I do have a laptop, and I could just leave my iMac behind, but it seems like such a waste to not use a brand new wonderful desktop for the majority of two years. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to handle this, and what would be the most efficient option?   
    It's a bit of a dilemma really, cause all the options are either unwieldy or pretty expensive.  Unless people have ideas I'm not aware of.
  • @Addfwyn: I'm not sure how big it is, but isn't it about the same size as a big laptop? If that's the case wouldn't be possible to take it with you on the plane?
  • Sorry, i should have specified.  It's the 24 inch iMac.  A bit large to take on the plane, though I could maybe find a way to get it in the suitcase, at a sacrifice of most everything else in there.  Basically it's like transporting a 24 inch monitor.
  • Yea its a bit large, but I would be much happier taking it with me on the plane than putting it through the normal check-in baggage nightmare.

  • Actually, I was just recommended this product by a friend 
    I may try it, it's a bit pricy, but being able to securely bring it as a carryon will make my life a LOT easier. Dunno if anyone is familiar with it?