Turntable.fm invites

Created by MiguelCorrea on March 15, 2012, 6:23 p.m.
  • I to would like to get in on the action

  • Sure. I PMed you my addy. :)

    Anyone after this post is going to have to add the guys above. Yep!

  • You may add me: http://www.facebook.com/tylercolp

    But at the moment Facebook friends are not qualifying for entry. I read somewhere that it can take up to 24 hours to recognize if you have friends with access.

  • anyone wanna be friends with me?
  • Will it take longer if we all friend Tyler Colp?

  • Yep... still getting friend requests. Please stop. They have stopped accepting new clients as far as I know. I am not friending anyone.

  • Edit: Taking my name off here because Turntable.fm is disabled in Canada, so I'm not sure if my invites are any good.
  • I'm in, you may add me.

  • @Sparklykiss: Add me as a friend yo.
  • i sent friend requests to the people who've posted so far. If i get in I'll post my facebook so others can join :)

  • @Invasionone: sent you one
  • @troidy: Just sent you one.

    I'll accept some once I get it also: profile

  • @jackile: Sent you one, thanks (:
  • Keep in mind, there's nothing that the person you're adding on Facebook that is already in the beta does. It's all passive. From what I can tell, it just checks your Facebook friends, and approves it based on that. No idea if there's a limit on invites, or anything.
  • Yeah, I tried to get in and they didn't believe I had a friend on Turntable yet. Must take a little while

    Thanks for the help anyway! I wanna feel like one of the cool kids. Sucked to see so many people on Twitter talking about it all day and not being able to even see what it was without being a member. Of course, all the cool dance party mixes by Whiskey crew will be over by the time we get in.

  • Also, I answered the captcha by heart with "Trick question, Lemmy IS God". Hope that counted.

    It's sad I didn't need to check the clip.

  • Awesome website is awesome!

  • @Crow3: Damn, thanks for the info.

  • Anyone willing to help me out PM me with their Facebook URL or something. Just heard about the site today and it sounds neat.

    edit- I'd feel strangely vulnerable just putting up my FB url here and I'd feel creepy clicking and adding some random guy so...

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffzhang

    friend me up! Appreciate it ;)

  • @Crow3 I sent a friend request. Much obliged sir!
  • what is this turntable business?
  • @WolfOfOne: Basically, a bunch of people can listen to the same music... anywhere.

    So if you listen to the Whiskey channel, you may be listening to the same trax as the people in the office.

  • @MAGZine: Ah, gotcha. I guess this shows how little I use facebook :P I signed up for their email invite but if I don't get that i doubt i'll jump into the FB fray :P

  • If anyone still needs a hook-up, add me at http://www.facebook.com/michaelmfok , no guarantees on how long it takes to get access to Turntable.fm though, I'm still waiting.
  • @mmfok said:

    If anyone still needs a hook-up, add me at http://www.facebook.com/michaelmfok , no guarantees on how long it takes to get access to Turntable.fm though, I'm still waiting.

    Confused..so you're waiting on someone who definitely already has access, and once you get access everyone else will get access? Kind of like 2nd line down? Lol. Anyway thanks to Crow3 for the invite, hopefully will come soon. This thing sounds neat.

  • @mbk337: I just sent you a request. I'm super interested to check this out. It sounds totally bananas, in the best possible way.

  • It's p cool. All it needs is a /dance emote

  • @jackile: added you on facebook. Thanks dude.

  • @mmfok: This looks interesting, will add you on Facebook. Thanks for doing this.