Movies & TV showes everyone is watching

Created by raidengl on July 24, 2017, 9:21 p.m.
  • What movies and TV shows are everyone watching right now.

    I just watched the documentary Chasing Corral and WOW. It's only on Netflix and it left me at once filled with wonder, sadness and anger. There where parts of the documentary that nearly brought me to tears. The things we are doing to our planet just astound me.

    I also watched Okja per the recommendation on the pod cast and it was hard to watch in places but very well done.

    My wife and I have also been binge watching The Great British Baking Show per the pod cast recommendation on Netflix and we love it. What I'd like someone to answer for me is, Netflix has 3 seasons (we watched all 3), Amazon has 4 and IMDB says that there are 7 seasons. I don't have Hulu is there a way to see all 7 seasons?

  • Does PUBG count?

  • @chex313: Sure. Never heard of it though. Is it online or regular TV?

  • My wife and I also love Face Off. We've been watching it since season one and we love how friendly and civil all the competitors are towards each other. We love how when someone needs help someone will stop what they are doing and jump in without blinking.

  • Game.of.Thrones.Season.7.

  • My wife has watched GOT from the beginning. I haven't.

  • @raidengl:  PUBG is a pc game. As for the Great British Baking Show, the BBC and ITV have joined forces to make Britbox, not sure if it's on here or how much it costs as I couldn't get any further than the home page cos it's not available in the UK lol. Might be worth a look to see if they do a free trial.

  • Just finished the first three episodes of The Defenders and its great.

    Also if you haven't watched season one of Sense8 you need to. That is so incredibly well acted.