Help AirVideo not working

Created by X19 on March 15, 2012, 6:22 p.m.
  • I did a quick google search for more information, but couldn't find anything 
    I'd recommend heading to the site's tech support site and posting a bug report - the software developers may better be able to assist you. 
    Is your Java up to date?
  • Ive never seen that before
  • @Berserk: Not trying to flame, but how is that contributing to anything but your post count? 
    And also, X19, now that you know what the problem is - that Java cannoutn enumerate your network interfaces, you can do some googling for other people with that problem specific to Java, but not specific to your program. Including hardware information in your search might help (along the lines of of your motherboard/network card).
  • @MAGZine: I use the air video server program and have never recieved a warning before like that, not trying to boost my post count.
  • @MAGZine: I have spoken to the admin and one other person with the problem and there seems to be no cure. I tried the things the admin told me to do but none have worked. He can only give me ways to fix the program not the JVM native code so I'm abit confused on what I can do. I don't really want to mess around with codes and stuff on my computer.
    Hey I dont think its that common.
    If it does happen to you in the future let me know and by that time hopefully I will have got an answer.
  • @MAGZine:  The Admin made me an experimental build and it fixed the problem.
    Thanks for your help all the same.

  • @X19: Glad I could point you in the right direction!