The Education of a Prop Designer

Created by DomoNoMomo on July 25, 2016, 5:28 p.m.
  • Personally, I'd say your best bet would be industrial/product design. Then again, I am a designer myself (interaction designer at a decently sized product design firm).

    A good program will have you designing things with a range of aesthetics, building models of them at various fidelities in different materials, and learning all sorts of finishing techniques. You'll be learning hand-sketching, CAD software, material science etc. and you will be able to delve deeper into techniques you are curious about, such as electronics and mechanics, if you are so inclined.

    Also, if you are in a good program, you'll have access to workshops with tools and equipment that even high-end maker-spaces don't have.

    Adam said in an episode of Still Untitled that his main recommendation for aspiring prop-makers was to become a good designer, because it is a very valuable skill that will always be in demand regardless of changing technology.

    I can't really recommend any schools in particular, but I'm sure someone will chime in. Where are you located?

  • @DomoNoMomo said:

    Hey Tested Forums, I'm new here and over the past 2 years, I have seriously considered prop design and creation as my future and although I have experience in it, what sort of education would be needed to become a successful one? Currently, I'm going through my highschool years and I'm leaning towards an electrical engineering major but I'm also fascinated by an idea in a production arts degree. But what sort of college education do you guys believe a prop designer/creator should aim for? A point in any direction would be great and a couple colleges would be amazing. I'm keeping my mind and sights open for anything! Thank you!

    Hi, it's cool that you are so interested in prop design. And it's nice that you care about your future, but if you will use some professional help like you can go to any college you want. So, good luck and improve your skills.

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  • That is so great to hear! I've always been interested in 3d modeling and hand sketching. I never got a chance to learn any of these because of my job at But since it's quarantine and I've got plenty of spare time on my hands, I'm willing to learn it. And I'm pretty much determined and mo motivated to learn it completely.

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