Adams Poster

Created by frankiek24 on Sept. 30, 2015, 11:58 a.m.
  • Any news on this? Just curious!


  • If you log out and go to the buy premium page, you'll see that the "limited time offer" now extends to 31 October. I didn't see/hear any announcement on that but it seems that we'll be waiting at least another month.

  • I thought they mentioned in a previous podcast, that the first batch was ordered and should be on their way soon...

    I could be wrong though....

  • @Beaufays said:

    I thought they mentioned in a previous podcast, that the first batch was ordered and should be on their way soon...

    I could be wrong though....

    I read/heard that somewhere too

  • I was wonder why I hadn't received it yet

  • how do you know youre getting one? i renewed but didnt get a notice

  • got this in an email on 3rd of sept.

    "Premium Poster Giveaway Shipping Update

    After proofing the poster and checking out tons of different paper stocks, we've started manufacturing the first batch of posters of Adam's ILM toolboxes, everyone who subscribed between June 1, 2015 and today should their poster in 4-6 weeks, including international customers. (People who live in the continental US will likely receive them even sooner.)"

  • Interesting... I haven't received an email like that

  • Also Adam retweeted a couple of photos people made of their posters yesterday

  • I received my poster this weekend!!

  • Well, I got it, but the USPS must have ran it over with the truck. The one end cap popped off the tube (fixed by taping it over with tape), the poster tube was all creased and the poster has so many creases and bends that it's in no shape to frame.

  • Mine came today, was in good condition. Its a different type of paper than the previous poster.

    Its more of a card stock for this one.

    Put some weight on top of it and it should flatten and i doubt once its flattened that the creases will remain.

  • @avant1963 Here ya go mate. I've done the ironing trick before so can vouch for that.

  • @avant1963: Go to a frame shop that can vacuum mount it. They use a heated table and a heat activated adhesive tissue to mount the poster to foam core. I worked at a frame shop for a few years, and have salvaged posters in worse condition than that one.

  • Got mine in really good shape last week.

  • Well i guess its good that some people are getting them! I guess ill see what happens in the next few days.

  • Got my 2015 Adam poster. Looks like I was one of the lucky ones, no dents. Pristine.

  • I am still waiting on mine. Open spot in the shop to hang it up next to my toolboxes. Hopefully it comes in soon! :(

  • Just got my poster in Norway :)

  • i just got mine this morning up in Canada, it was in pretty good shape despite the tube showing marks, now i need to find a good spot for it !

  • I haven't seen any word yet on the supposed early-renewal option. Is that still happening?

  • Huh, I kinda forgot about this. I just realized I have not yet received my poster.

  • I signed up the third week of June and have yet to get mine, let alone a confirmation email. Aren't they shipping in order of those who signed up/renewed first? Hope to hear something about it soon :/

  • @normandy.asr2: Same! Any chance those who got it could say when they renewed? If that is in fact the order in which they are being shipped.

  • Hmm, still waiting on mine as well. I signed up in mid-July.

  • I got mine last week, re-subbed on June 11th.

  • IS there like a customer service # or something? I still haven't gotten it or heard a thing.

  • @CptCrackers: :)

    fwiw, they only started shipping a couple of weeks ago and it took a couple of months for everyone to get their posters last year, following the same "first-come-first-served" shipping schedule. I think there were a *lot* more signups this time around.

  • Mine arrived in the UK today. Perfect condition too.

    Subscribed on June 4th.

  • I'm willing to give up mine when I get it.

    I'm not much of a poster collector. so if some one wants a second one I'd give it to them for the cost of shipping from Portland OR.