Adams Modeling/Prop Making Book?

Created by frankiek24 on July 31, 2015, 12:29 p.m.
  • Hey,

    I always hear Adam talking about a book he is writing about model making and prop building. Just curious if there is an ETA on that?



  • I think the only ETA he's mentioned is that it is one of his "what to do post-Mythbusters" projects, though that might have changed.

  • Yeah it's be good if he could do that, model painting, lighting etc etc. However I wonder if there are two versions. One for general people as pulp fiction entertainment. Then one for film model makers. I wonder if he'll get help on areas he's not a expert in assuming he is not a master of everything build. (I know he understands basic electronics but has roped in experts in the past for time reasons)

  • Given at age 11 I knew for sure I wanted to go build models for ILM (I wrote reports in school about the Dykstra flex, motion control effects, matte painting...) when that didn't happen, I find Adam basically lived that dream.

    I wish he'd do a weekly model build, even if he doesn't do a book. I no longer have the time/resources to build or kit bash, so it's great watching him tear through a Cylon Raider and extemporaneously comment as he goes. A series of that would be great....

  • Hey guys, I know this topic is a few years old...

    Anyway, I just came across a great book called The Maker's Field Guide, written by Christopher Armstrong. Apparently Chris is an industrial designer who's worked in R&D, using model making to build prototypes for film, video games, and a few different I.D. industries like Motocross and footwear. I bought the coffee table book through the book's website ( and it's awesome!! Many techniques I've never seen (or even heard of, haha) are covered in here, as well as almost all of the topics Adam covers in the Tested shows. It's around $40, but it feels like it's worth much more, since it feels like 3 or 4 books in one :)

    HIGHLY recommended, check it out!

  • I wonder where you can find his book. For example, I found an essay about prototype and model making for movies on the website and it became interesting for me to deepen my knowledge about this area. I was looking for a college paper and came across a topic that interested me. I would like to find this book.