What to do in Las Vegas?

Created by Buckys_Brawler on June 30, 2015, 5:43 a.m.
  • I feel like this question is asked almost every month on the podcast and I never write any of the responses down...so sorry that I am asking this for the millionth time but what should I check out while in Las Vegas?

    Will and Norm have talked about the neon museum, grabbing pizza in some hotel and eating at Lotus of Siam. What else besides gambling has been discussed on the podcast before that I should be sure to check out?


  • Me and the other half are off there later this year and I've been told to do look at what we can do. We're there for about a week, but will have a car so will be driving about a bit.

    On our list so far:
    National Atomic Testing Museum
    Mob Museum
    Pinball Hall Of Fame *She's going to have to drag me out of this one*
    Las Vegas Natural History Museum
    Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    Neon Boneyard
    Battlefield Vegas
    Not really Vegas, but a helicopter tour of the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.
    Then you've got all the stuff on the Strip you can do, plus the shows.

    If you come up with anything else, please add it on here. Will give me more things to keep her out of the Casinos...

  • Ah, nice. I'm heading over there this October as well, and I am in the progress of finding out what to do. I'll try to post something here if I find interesting things!

  • There is so much to do there, it really depends on what you like and where you are staying. Spent a week there and never left the strip. It was barely enough time to just visit all of the casinos. I am sure I will end there again at some point, and go to more specific things. Basically just went to all of the casinos from movies and things like that. Walked through their attractions, etc. And went to shows in the evening. A few shows I would suggest:

    Penn and Teller If they are in town. Sadly I missed them.

    Blue Man Group

    Something Cirque

    Tournament of Kings at Excalibur

  • Absolutely go see Penn & Teller. Saw them in the UK when they were last here. Fantastic.

    I've been recommended to see Jeff Dunham and Absinthe.

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  • @PoppySummers: Yes, on some games I.e., roulette, baccarat, etc. If the sheets they provide customers with is what this question pertains too.


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