Suggestion: Downloading videos for offline viewing, perhaps as an option for premium members

Created by Ugbug on March 10, 2015, 10:35 p.m.
  • Hi everyone,

    up until recently I have been able to download Tested videos via a couple of different apps on my iphone. This is great as I have an hour or so commute on the train and I do not want to be using my phone data for downloading video if I can avoid it, and also my trip includes a blackspot where 4G/3G drops out completely.

    Recently I noticed the apps no longer work for downloading youtube videos, so I can no longer download Tested videos to watch on my trip to/from work. However, as premium videos are not hosted on youtube, they still download fine.

    Clearly youtube has cracked down on apps downloading videos.

    I would therefore like to make a suggestion that premium members get access to an alternative (non youtube) link to allow us to download videos on our phones.

    I hope Norm and Will read this as I think it would be a good perk to encourage people to become premium members but probably wouldn't cost much to impliment (or at least I assume so).

    Alternatively, if anyone knows any workarounds to downloading youtube videos on IOS please respond, though all the tips I've found online no longer work.

  • @Ugbug: I'm a android user so don't know of any iOS apps that could do that but this site does a great job at giving you tons of options, audio only too for those podcasts.

  • That sounds great.

    I always download videos with this way:

    It asks me to copy the downloaded videos to my phone for playback but allows to download several videos simultaneously, which takes less time than downloading videos with online apps.