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Created by will on Feb. 20, 2015, 7:48 p.m.
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  • The don melton scripts that were used originally have become depreciated, they still work fine i just thought id give you a heads up that theres an update to them :)

  • Yeah, I see that now. I bet I could update them to use that. It shouldn't be a major change to the actual code. Its further than I have dug into it before, but looks reasonable. The usage of the scripts looks the same as it was, basically just changing the name.

    Might actually give me an excuse to rewrite some of it, and be a bit more flexible. I would love for it to install from a shell script in linux, work in vagrant, and work in docker all under the same copy of the script. But it does need a few tweaks.

  • Please keep me updated, if i knew enough about docker id put one together myself haha :)

  • Hey! Don Melton has depreciated his BASH scripts and moved to RUBY.

    The good news with this (for me anyway) is they work seamlessly in Windows!

    Now that they are in a format I have at least a slight familiarity with, maybe I can make certain family members happy by setting them up with a point and click transcoder!

  • And then MS goes and announces that BASH is getting (close to) native support in the next release.....


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  • @Bedon292: Howdy - I'm finally at a place where I'm going to try and implement this system, but I'm not sure which path to take. Use the Tested Transcoder version, or invest my time and effort into Don Melton's updated Ruby transcoder. Is there a significant difference (i.e. improvement) with the new transcoder scripts over the originals?

  • @Bedon292: I've also thought of another very dumb question. In using this Tested transcoder script, I have to have all of Don Melton's required software installed, correct? He lists:







    I'm hunting them down, but I've had the darndest time trying to install HandBrakCLI.

  • I realized it automatically installs what I need for Melton's script, so I answered my own question on that. I still have some other questions, though. I'm a noob on this. How do I edit the parameters? If I want to make it output as a MP4, is that possible? If I want to lock in the stereo audio track vice surround, how do I do that? etc., etc., etc.

  • @wvc: You would need to change the file to change the actually settings it is using. Its been quite I while since I messed with all this, so need to look over all of it again. Honestly just been waiting for FreeNAS 10 to come through, with docker support, so I can just redo the whole thing in docker and clean it all up.

  • @Bedon292: Testing - the website hasn't been letting me reply - so this is only a test. . .

  • Testing a post without replying . . . this is only a test.

  • So - it wouldn't let me reply. Then it did let me reply. Now it won't let me reply. But I can post without replying.

    This forum needs an exorcism.

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  • Howdy. I've been using the transcoder for a while now, but recently stopped it to restart the PC (Windows update). Now, I can't get it to work. I've deleted the virtual machine and pulled everything all over again from scratch (git clone) and restarted with vagrant up, but when I put a file in the "Input" folder it sits there for a bit and then just goes straight to "Completed-Originals". It never goes to Work or Output. There seems to be an error with Handbrake CLI. The Transcoder Log says:

    Transcoding failed for input. Can't determine HandBrakeCLI version

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • Hi...i am a new user here. I attempted to make a separate simple config file for people to use, instead of needing to mess with environment variables or the Vagrantfile. This seems to work well for me, and I have attempted to edit it in multiple different text editors to break it, but have been unable to on Windows at least. It could probably use some cross platform testing. This seems like a logical solution to me, but would be really interested in if that is a direction you like?

  • With FreeNAS Corral (previously known as 10) finally out, including the much awaited docker support, I am going to be upgrading soon. Once the upgrade is complete I am going to be taking a look back at everything, and possibly revamp it all. I don't remember what the state of anything was, and I know at some point I made a Docker image, but not sure where things are headed yet. Pretty sure I had config file stuff in my fork as well, but its been so long since I touched it I can't remember

    Don't think anyone else is doing anything with it, but I am happy to work with anyone else interested in doing it too. I have a bunch of new movies that I need to rip, and have been putting off for this.

  • Or not, Corral has been downgraded to a 'Tech Preview'. So this will wait until I get Docker on the server...

  • @wvc: There were updates made to the HandbrakeCLI entries where the commands in the old Don Melton scripts aren't correct anymore. I updated my personal repo version of it so that it Works On My Machine, but as a whole the scripts need to be updated to the supported melton scripts

  • @saintnicster: Thank you very much for looking into this. I actually gave up hope that this would be fixed, so I removed the whole thing and started over with Don Melton's updated Ruby transcoding scripts. It's been a LEARNING experience for me, as I'm definitely not savvy with most of the tools being used or Ruby at all, but so far I think I've figured it out. I miss the convenience of the drag & drop folder solution, but I am enjoying learning some new albeit rudimentary skills.

  • Hello per my knowledge Plex is great for transcoding on the fly, but you do need to have a machine which can spare the power to do it all the time. Not sure what is required for plex and apple tv, but I think it works fine. It may be worth looking in to at least, I know I love plex. Other awesome part is being able to watch it anywhere. I am out of town this weekend, but I can still watch all of my movie and TV through plex.

  • If anyone is interested, I decided to finally resurrect my efforts on this, since I started ripping some of my 4k discs, and wanted to re-rip with focus on 7.1 surround.

    Focusing entirely on Docker, no Vagrant, and running the new Don Melton scripts. I don't think the python script will take more than minimal modifications, but will see how it goes.

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