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Created by Rallier on Aug. 1, 2014, 6:39 p.m.
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    If you have any links that you'd like to see added to this list, simply post it in the comments of this thread preferably as an @reply to me, and i'll take care of it.

  • @Rallier Thanks for posting an more consolidated version of this :)

  • @Rallier: there have been several posts with multiple characters and languages, not sure if these are spam or hiding virals.

  • Ya the post you have created here is good. Actually I also have some troubles with this question. Now its cleared by visit site from here. Thanks for the post you have created here and shared with us.

  • This helps, thank you


  • HI, i'm new here. Def. thank you for useful links!

  • Hello, I am sophia. Nice to meet you.

  • I just tried to create a topic in the form about my biggest project experience. Lots of images and text. When I posted it the title posted with zero content. Did I do something wrong?
  • Hi...I am new to this forum so hello everyone and hope you can help me.

  • best

  • hey there im new here! looking to be active on the builder forum! from ontario canada!

  • @johnmbonin: Hi I am new person in Forum. Please help me?

  • @jpcguy89: Well, gues that ain't gonna happen. As of now 5 months later the Forums are totally unusable and seem to have been tossed aside by the Mods. Should either be taken down completely or fixed... sad, it has such potential

  • Hey Mods-
    Am I the only one who doesn't see any content in this post?

    Is there a way to try to bring in additional mods(community volunteers, etc) to maybe clean the forums up more quickly and bring a possibility of a community here? Maybe add or change some of the main board topics? Books is great, but maybe it should be expanded to "media" to get more than 1 post every 5 months?

  • @FJVarro: Hopefully you can see that the original post (for this topic) has been restored from Rallier's account. We've run into an issue where restoring all posts from former staff (Will) or mods (Rallier) have triggered email notifications for any users mentioned in each of those threads... Obviously, that was not the intention and terrible experience, so we've had to take the time to rebuild the system for "re-implentation" of these topics and comments without triggering notifications.

    We're hopeful that this first test worked. If we don't see multiple email notifications going out over the next 24 hours, we'll start the process on Will's sticky threads next week as well.

    Thanks for your patience. We're working on it, but it's a process... We just want to make sure any fixes we make are not negatively affecting other forum users.

  • Why is the quality of your premium videos poorer than your YouTube ones?

  • I am facing a problem when I was checking the forum updates from a website. I am a user of Apple, I was using a browser from my Apple MacBook, at last, I got some support from and I resolved the issues.