First quadcopter purchase - my Hubsan X4 review

Created by ashoe on May 29, 2014, 5:26 a.m.
  • So I recently bought the Hubsan X4 H107C. After watching Norm and Jeremy out flying their Phantoms I could not resist trying it for myself. I decided on this X4 for the price mainly and the reviews I read on Amazon and YouTube and was not disappointed. It was a pretty quick learning process. Opened the box, installed the prop saver as I like to call it (this is a must), charged the batteries and read through the manual to get a feel for the controller and how to calibrate and was off flying. I will say that calibration is touchy, even the slightest "out of level" surface will show itself after calibration and into flight, for instance my driveway is sloped slightly and when calibrated on there it drifts very noticeably. Once you have it nicely calibrated and the controller adjusted to compensate for any issues flight is pretty controllable. I have nearly mastered hovering for more than a couple seconds and long sweeping turns and straightaways are a blast. I also purchased the crash kit as a precaution and was glad I did because even with the prop guard I have managed to wreck a few blades already on debris in fields or random objects in the house. The camera is actually not all that bad for what it is. File are saved to a micro SD card (not included) at 720 X 480 and are good enough quality for an amateur to enjoy the flights that much more watching while waiting for the next battery to charge. I will post some video up when I have something worth watching to show quality and stability. All in all for $50 the X4 was well worth it. This will continue to be my training copter until I feel I have mastered it and can safely move on to something a little more expensive.

    Anyone else get the quadcopter bug after hanging out on Tested? Any recommendations for the next level purchase?

  • I blame you for the purchase im about to make.... lol I am biting the bullet as we speak and buying the x4 h107c.... its 58 bucks but it looks to be worth it...


  • @StephenWestervelt said:

    I blame you for the purchase im about to make.... lol I am biting the bullet as we speak and buying the x4 h107c.... its 58 bucks but it looks to be worth it...

    Sorry bud! LOL It is totally worth the price for the fun I've had with it so far. Fairly resilient so don't have to be concerned with crashing it too much as you learn and completely serviceable which is nice when something does break.

    Let me know how it goes! Hope you have some fun with it too.

  • Oh, forgot to mention that my co-worker also bought one and flew for a day here at the office, took it home and tried to max out the height on the thing in his somewhat small backyard and completely lost it! We imagine it is sitting on a roof somewhere in his neighborhood! He came in the next day and bought another on Amazon and I instructed him, no more backyard sky flights. Sticking to places like our 60k foot warehouse here at work or a nice open field is highly recommended :)

  • I got the X-4 (the one without the camera) a few weeks back and I love it. I picked up the crash pack and the prop protector as well. I routinely fly it around my office and only crash occasionally now. It is really fun, and even though I've crashed it plenty in the past none of the components have broken.

  • yeah i got the camera one... everyone in the reviews said it came with a bumper, so i didn't buy one separately.....I am going to order the crash kit soon..... Quad should be here Monday....

  • anyone thinking about getting a hubsan x-4 do it ... jump on it now. Its an amazing quad, so much fun to fly, but it is a bit lively for inside flight... outside with the controller in expert its really fast, and the flips and rolls are easy.

    Also anyone with the estes x can fly that quad with the hubsan controller. That way you can adjust sensitivity, and make it fly faster, trick easier, and pick any level of sensitivity you want...

    BUY EXTRA BATTERIES< AND PROPS./.... believe it or not but indoor flights chew up props more then flying outside.

  • Just looked up some videos on YT for it and it looks pretty sweet. Think I'll put an order in for one next pay.

    Think I'll go for the H107L since I'm not interested in recording video with it and I'll likely pick up 2-4 extra batteries to go along with it.

  • Bah screw it, put in an order for one lol.

    I also put in an order for these..

    Stock battery seems to have a 240mAh capacity and the above ones are supposedly 500mAh. So double the flying time?

  • @stenchlord said:

    Bah screw it, put in an order for one lol.

    I also put in an order for these..

    Stock battery seems to have a 240mAh capacity and the above ones are supposedly 500mAh. So double the flying time?

    Welcome to the Hubsan club!

    Think that's about right, double mAh means longer flight time. Be cautious with those multi chargers. I have read that it is best, and safest, to drain all five and charge all five at once. Don't know where the article is off hand but said that charging one half drained and one empty or something like that can result in damaged batteries or even over charged batteries and fires.

  • I bought a bunch of 380s, my quad actually shipped with a 380mha battery instead of a 280. I had heard of some people not being able to fly the ORIGINAL version with 500s due to the weight, but most of those people were strapping a key fob camera on too. , but you should be fine.

    Report back when you get them in.... Quick tip keep it in beginner mode when you start outside... If you want it to run fast in expert, make sure to turn on NO FLIP ( push in the left stick once )..... also its not a helicopter. you do not have to fly it with just the rudder. So remember it flies as well in any direction so you can use the allieron and elevator control to do MOST of your flying... the rudder is just gravy...... don't worry about always turning it.... the right stick is your main movement,,, the rudder is just for small turns./ or spins.


    PS> DON'T MIX CHARGED BATTERIES WHEN CHARGING... RUN THEM ALL DOWN THEN CHARGE TOGETHER. most of those 5 at once solutions have no load ballencers, so its possible to give one battery too much juice if it wasn't discharged enough.... Also with lipos you do not want to store them flat dead or fully charged, just stop flying when the motors start to lose some power, and they will last a lot longer.

  • Cheers for the tips :D

    I'll keep them in mind regarding the batteries.

  • First night I got my quad I totally smashed it into a couple walls lol.

    I also had to use the second set of props that came with the quad. I lost one and the other got chewed up cause I didn't power down straight away when it got stuck against a wire fence :/

    Having said that I'm now comfortable hovering and drifting around, as well as pirouetting in the air :D

    It's super frustrating with just the single battery though (still awaiting delivery of my five 500mAh batteries). Just as I feel like I'm getting used to doing something I need to power down and charge the battery for half an hour. Can't wait for my other batteries to arrive so I can get in some decent flight time.

    I can at least hover and drift around for the entirety of the battery run time though which is nice as opposed continuously powering up and powering down. I can fly it around and just walk behind it as I fly over and under obstacles which is cool and it's fun flying around the apartment cause the cat likes to stalk it :P

    I put in an order for ten sets of new props and I also ordered a protection cover which also has an arching band that goes over the quad which I assume protects it if you fly indoors and hit the ceiling.

    It's been very fun flying it but until I get the extra batteries I think I won't really know just how much fun I can have with it.

  • Hmmmm I played rather rough with my quad today..

  • New cage is great. While in the apartment I no longer have to worry about running it into the ceiling :D

  • yeah i've been eyeballing quads for ages, but the phantom vid pushed me over the edge, got my Hubsan X4 (H107HDC in black & green) a few weeks ago and i've tried it a few times, it's awesome :D

    i'm holding off with the flying for a bit as i want to full experience since i'm still waiting for my microSD from and i might buy some extra batteries next payday

    but it's worth the money, pretty easy to fly and super fun, i ended up paying about 650dkk ($118) with shipping and even though it wasn't depicted on their website it came with a prop-guard

    i found out you need to keep an eye out when looking at local retailers, not so much with the Hubsan, but with the Phantom, i found the Vision 2+ and the Vision2 at the same retailer who sold me my Hubsan, but they are way out of my "welfare pricerange" but that didnt stop me from being curious, i visited DJI's website and found out the Vision2 costs 7300dkk ($1.330) with shipping to Denmark, but the retailer wanted 8500dkk ($1.550), i could get the Vision2+ for that From DJI with shipping which would cost 8500dkk ($1.550), but the retailer wanted 9.999dkk ($1.820) for it

    I understand the retailer need to make a profit, but $220-270? that's just not right in my world

    also regarding batteries i've been looking at some Turnigy 300mAh from, because i've used Turnigy before with RC Cars and they are quite cheap, but thankfully i found out that particular battery needs a tweak before i bought any. a guy posted a comment on hobbyking saying that the 300mAh's polarity needs to be reversed to work with the hubsan, so switching the cables in the plug should do the trick. And if you order from Hobbyking remember to see which warehouse is active, EU/GLOBAL

    enough rambling! think i'll charge up my battery and take it for a spin

  • Protip: don't turn on the propellers when holding it by the propguard

  • Ha! I did that first day I got it :D

    I broke the prop guard lol, was flying low and fast and cat jumped up and swiped it. I tried correcting it and it just flew off pretty hard into a wall then bounced back into a door. It's been kinda wonky ever since... I may need to get another quad but will muck around with this still in the meantime.

  • I got an x4 last week it's been really fun to fly. The fist day I had it I cut my arm, I made the stupid mistake of holding the controller under my arm while pushing the battery in. I've been trying to figure out what the upgrade from the x4 would be it seems like there is a massive gap between these and the big boys without getting into the diy ones though I have been eyeing off the Blackout Mini H and the QAV250.

  • After reading a few of the Tested articles on quads I bit the bullet too and got a Blade Nano (and Spektrum DX6i). I fly it around in the barn on the farm and in the office. Awesome fun. I'm finding I'm relying on the SAFE mode though... I really can't hover or fly at all with the stabilization turned off!

    I actually ordered a Flite Test Electrohub and all the electronics and will be building my own larger quad to fly outside (on the farm space isn't really an issue). So yeah, I blame Tested.

  • @dezer: Have you looked at the Blade 200qx? That's in between the big Phantom/350qx sized quads and the little ones. It's still an outdoor one and can be set up with a little camera.

  • @JamesNZ: I'll have to have a look into it. I haven't been flying much it's a tad bit scary with toddlers around the house.

  • I have been flying with and X4 as my nanocopter for a few months now. I really enjoyed it. I even wrote an article about it! Here is an excerpt for anyone who is interested.

    If you want here is my full review.

    There are some great features that are apparent in the Hubsan X4 H107C. For one it sports a 720p camera. This is something that is lacking in both the Hubsan Q4 as well as the H107D. I should mention that while the H107D does have a camera, its only 480p so the image quality will not match the H107C.
    The Hubsan X4 also has sports an elegant design that doesn't exist in the Q4 or the H107D. They are much more box-like and don't have the same "cool" factor that the X4 H107C has.
    However the one large draw back that the X4 has is its charging time. You are looking at a 30 minute charge for only 7-10 Minutes of flight. This puts you in a position where you are almost forced to buy extra batteries. If you are using the unit mainly for surveying its not a huge issue but if you are an avid flier, that 7 minutes will be gone in a flash. The Q4 on the other hand can get a 10 minute flight out of only a 15 minute charge time.

  • Really liked the review here as well as all the comments. It was pretty dead on. The Hubsan X4 H107C is a great drone for beginners as it teaches them the basics of calibration without being overly complicated. Once calibrated it's a blast to fly! I also created a review that you might find useful.