Those case racks in Adam's cave...

Created by Jayroth on March 4, 2013, 10:59 p.m.
  • Adam got his second-hand after a MB crewmember found a rack for sale, no? He says something like that in the vid.

    Bosch sells these cases under the Bosch name in the US and they are a bit cheaper, I believe.

  • I found those Sortimo boxes while searching Ebay the other day. They are called the Bosch I-BOXX72..

    They make a slightly slimmer version, as well. They also can be found on Ebay..

  • I got tired of "shoe-box organization" in my workshop, so after seeing this video (and choking on the Sortimo price) I picked up the version from Stanley:

    Not quite as nice but a WHOLE lot less expensive. IMO, it's always that last 10% in quality that costs 10X as much. I have filled 3 so far; ROBOT MOTORS, ROBOT SENSORS and CONNECTORS. I haven't had problems with keeping small parts from migrating from bin to bin. The biggest problem with them that I see is that the bins don't have any kind of internal lip so it can be hard to pick a bin out of the middle. Oh, and I don't see any way to buy extra/different bins.

  • Thanks for the link, @Robotguy !! :-)

  • Next step: where to store the storage.

  • that looks great robotguy ... congrats

  • Thanks for letting us know about the Stanley ones. I think i might pick up one.

    I have a bunch or stray electronics parts that I store in a plastic container, and I have to dump them all out on the ground when I want to use my soldering iron (which is conveniently stored on the bottom). I think this would be great to store all that stuff as well as batteries and other misc. things.

    Unfortunately looks like most of the brick and mortar stores only have then online though.

  • (Won't let me edit)

    As far as buying different bins, I did come across this site.

    Everything on there is out of stock however, but if I enter the model number for the organizer on that site it comes up with this..

  • @Robotguy: That is awesome.

    I have bought a couple of the Stanley fatmax organizing boxes very similar to yours and have plans to make a rack similar to yours but with drawer slides so i can pull out the box i need and open the lid without removing it from the rack :)

    The fatmax ones are of a very good quality. I have had a Sortimo t-boxx and i would say the quality is comparable. The only thing the Stanley ones lack are multi-colored bins in all sizes. Would also have preferred a handle on the outside design.

    @SLUSHIE: I have been looking for that! Stanley's website is a mess. I find that product information is faulty or even missing. I have been thinking about 3d printing some alternative sized bins :)

  • So I did some research to see what other brands make similar containers, and I found that Habor Freight has a series of this type of thing as well.

    They make an 20 (medium thickness)

    8 (large thickness)

    and a 15 half-sized (thin)

    These actually look like 90% clones of the Stanley ones, down to the design in the lid that hold the compartments in.

    The only obvious flaw that I can see in them is in the smaller 15 compartment one. The design in the lid doesn't seem to match up at all with the compartments. However, it seems to be an error made by the people staging the photo (placing the trays vertically instead of horizontally) rather than poor design.

    I think I will swing by after work and see how these look in person.

  • Ok, I just found some blog and here is what some seemingly intelligent guy has to say about them.

    In the photo of his wall, I think the Stanley ones are the ones with a clearer plastic lid.

  • Thanks all. I'm not in any way a woodworker so I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I just got a router for xmas so these were my very first dados and rabbets.

    The back side is just like the front but only has a couple of the 10-compartment cases. It's still a work in progress so I am building a simple drawer at the top in the pic above, and installing my router in the back for a simple router table. I need to put a bottom and door on it to contain the sawdust.

    If I were building it again I would add a lip or tilt the runners back so the cases don't fall out when I move the cart around. Oh yeah, and I'd make it 1/4" shorter so it would fit under my workbench as I had originally intended :-(

  • OK, I picked up 2 of the Harbor Freight ones.

    I only have 3 small beefs with them. First is the sticker on the front, it's nearly impossible to remove. It's basically like one of those stickers that street artists use purely because the are impossible to remove. The 2nd is the fact that they don't seem to lock into each other or 'stack' very well. You can no doubt put one on top other the other, but I wouldn't make a tower of them and expect to be able to move it without them falling. If building a rack like Robotguy that obviously isn't an issue. The 3rd is that the tops of the containers don't sit completely flush with the lid when closed. That really isn't a huge issue either, but if you are storing some really small items I don't think they would be held in very well. For example, I have a bunch of motherboard jumpers (for clearing CMOS and that type of thing) and I think they would likely end up everywhere if I carried it vertically. Also, don't expect to store any surface mount components unless they are in a baggie or something.

    Besides those shortcomings, I still like them. I used this coupon that let me get them for 5.99 each (, which is much cheaper than any other option. At that price I would be comfortable buying a couple just to have more small size bins.

  • @SLUSHIE The Stanley boxes have the same problem with the labels. I peel the label (tedious), pour Goo-Gone over the remaining glue, scrub with an old toothbrush and then wipe down with a paper towel.

    They are also hard to stack correctly, but when you do they nest together nicely and are pretty rigid. I've been creating a lot of dust lately and have also noticed that the lids are quite prone to static and dust attraction.

    Here's my latest:

    I picked up a couple of hardware kits from Digikey which came with an organizer box.

    I felt a little ridiculous transferring them from one organizer to another for about 30 seconds. The I realized what a PITA it was getting teeny 2-56 lock washers out of the original bins, and how much easier it would be when I could remove each bin individually and pour a couple out. After spending 20 minutes on the first item, I ended up using a large magnet to get the items out.

    For removing the small bins from the Stanley box, I found it's easiest to put thumb and forefinger inside and spread them out to clamp the bin internally, then lift.

    @brianfroelund The drawer slides are a great idea. Wish I would have thought of that.

  • @Robotguy: For me just having everything of something in the same type of container is really nice (OCD).

    The stickers are annoying but it's a 3 min job to remove then using benzine. Mine stack quite well and they even interlock. For small nuts and bolts the bins are unfortunately just too large and I think I might end up buying ones similar to yours if i can find them or alternatively find bins that fit into the current bins :)

  • Found this on google, while looking for ideas after seeing the tour of Adams cave... oh the circle of life ;) nice work chaps!! this is definitely a great idea for those of us that can't afford the full Sortimo rack, think i just found my next project!!

  • I have a few off brand ones that I bought at a local hardware store, they were relatively cheap and seem to stack nicely enough. But the manufacturers have decided that the different sized boxes are all either going to be tiny or massive, which has lead me back to considering biting the bullet and spending a bunch of money on Sortimo stuff.

  • i'd recommend keeping an eye on auction sites that cater to large companies, going out of business style of thing, in Australia we have Grey's Online for example. basically keep an eye on it until a factory or workshop goes out of business and needs to offload gear. I didn't have the space for anything extra but a mate picked up 4 entire wall panels of those little rack boxes (i can't thing of the name) for 20 bucks per panel (the panel is about 100 bucks from bunnings and the boxes are about 6 bucks each). Bargain central!

  • @timbo72: Cheers for that man, I've looked at some local auction stuff but never been on Grey's. If anyone's in Western Australia (hate to keep getting more and more specific but it's all I have to offer) Ross' Auctions do a similar thing, I've purchased huge amounts of things for paltry sums when they do liquidation auctions etc.