I'm just not feeling it guys...

Created by mercutio123 on April 17, 2012, 10:37 p.m.
  • @WolfOfOne said:

    Yeah I agree that the site design needs work, it's burn-the-retinas bright. I miss the old design :)

    I too miss the old design. Even though this site is based on new tech, it doesn't feel that way. It feels way dated and I really dislike the color scheme.

  • Life finds a way.
  • @Jensonb: That's a really really good point, I hadn't thought about that. Mythbusters is huge, you'd think even if only a small percentage of their audience checked out Tested then we'd see a huge spike in people. But most (if not all?) of the forum guys are Whiskey guys.. This 'new' approach may or may not be attracting page views, but it sure isn't building a community.

  • @Jensonb said:

    I'm slightly concerned about something else entirely. Where, uh, where are Adam & Jamie's fans? I know Jamie & Adam have been too busy to post much or whatever, and we're still waiting on their proper video content debuts, but you'd think with the promotion they've been doing for the site, we'd have seen an uptick in the number of users. If anything I'm noticing a gradual decrease as some, not all, regulars from before the Whiskeypocalypse are finding less reason to visit regularly. When is the Network Effect going to kick in? The site needs activity. Inactivity kills websites, because page views keep the lights on. I sure hope the reader base picks up once the transition is over, because I'd hate for the site to fail.

    The problem is, the vast majority of people are interested in and come for "Mythbusters" and not "Adam and Jamie", which aren't the same thing. During every episode of MB, they always mention to go to Discovery.com/Mythbusters which is where their fansite for the show resides. That's where all the traffic goes.

    The only promotion that I've heard them do is on the tour and a few tweets, which reach a far smaller audience then the show does every week. Plus, even if they were to come here, all they would see is two people who they don't know and have never seen before, as neither Adam nor Jamie have done any content at all in what seems to be the past month.

    It's still early going, but it is not inspiring.

  • Mm, that does seem to be the trouble. BermannBraun are trying very hard to make the brand "Jamie & Adam" work. But the fact is, the brand is MythBusters. Which can't be used without Discovery, who aren't part of this. Also, it's not really "MythBusters" without Kari, Tore and Grant - although if the conspiracy theory is to be believed, we have Grant going by his pseudonym. Still, early days and we're still not out of the transition. Hope it starts to pick up quickly once things properly get underway though.
  • I really have just been disinterested in the whole site. I even built up a backlog of podcasts now which I used to listen to every week. I don't really watch any videos or read any articles. I don't know, they seem to be doing a good job but it's just not the same.

  • The reason I'm not on this site as much is the website layout. The forums are less functional which makes it difficult to have lengthy discussions.

  • A big part of it for me is the content is just not interesting to me. Call me crazy but I came to Tested for tech news. Not science with some occasional tech news thrown in. I have completely stopped reading the articles or watching the videos. I just come here once every week for the podcast now, which I'm starting to lose interest in as well as that is becoming less tech related. I understand Will and Norm are doing more of what they want to do and I'm happy for them but as a fan of the old Tested I'm just losing interest in this whole site very quickly. The fact that the website is in such terrible shape is a real downer as well. Why the hell do I still have to go to the comments for the mp3 download of the podcast? CRAZY!

    I understand things change and I hold no resentment for that fact but when I look back at what Tested use to be and what Screened use to be I can't help but to feel a little sad.

  • Meh, i gave up on the main site pretty early. Nothing they write about other then tech news interests me

    I still love the podcast and the writing is still great. Im just glad that Tested did not go the route of Screened. BB have turned that place into into basically a gossip site with story's that have two lines in them. The guys have been lucky, at least one of them didnt pull an Alex and leave his "friend" high and dry after he knew he had a safe job

    Rorie :(

  • I am now really enjoying all the science related articles on the site, hell even my wife has thought about becoming a regular reader here. I would really enjoy a bit more tech stuff from them though. I think the original site was 95% tech and 5% off topic science, now they are 95% science and 5% tech. There has to be a better balance to give a better experience to everyone.

  • Duder, me too. Me too.

  • @mikeblais said:

    Honestly, if there's two things i miss, it's the flow of tech news...and blogs.

    I'm fine with how the site is now. Other than a particular sticking issue in the page's banner and logo I don't mind the layout.

    But I really used to like having a concise source that was funny that I could go to for all my tech news, and I also really enjoyed reading/writing blog entries. Those being just entirely gone now is kind of a huge downer.

    They aren't gone forever, they just haven't returned yet. Things are in a state of flux right now. As far as I know, there's no office the top men and tested crew are working out of, which probably makes all this stuff more difficult. I would say don't give up just yet, things are sure to be [more or less] back to normal eventually.

  • @Rallier: Is tonite going to be a good night?

  • @killfest said:

    Also Wills comment on this podcast this week. "I read about science stuff now" joking or not was depressing :(

    This. :(

  • I haven't visited the forums in a while, but has there been any word on when account management will be back? I would really like to change my password... I'm not complaining; Just asking!

  • Haven`t stopped by in a while and my podcast listening has been cut severely so don`t listen to the podacst any more. Science just isn`t my cup of tea I`m afraid. To be honest the best thing that could happen (in my eyes) is Will & Norm be brought over to CBS and do something with GB. Will has great chemistry with the guys there.

  • For God's sake get rid of the white. The site is fucking unbearable with it like this.

  • @will said:

    @SpikeSpiegel: The site the Top Men are launching goes up tomorrow, I think. So they should be back to work on Tested shortly after that.

    Literally came to the forums to ask what the hell is taking so long/when we will see the many fixes the site needs, saw your name as the most recent post and went here before posting. Good to know that at least progress is starting up soon.

  • I haven't searched for the answer to this in the last month but will we be getting our personal tested pages back?

  • Love Will and Norm to death! and while the new content can be interesting (the undergrad nuclear reactor was cool) I kinda am feeling more and more that since this site is now associated with some big name TV people, and is thusly more mainstream by default, that the original Tested.com that most of us fell in love with and, more importantly the WIll and Norm that we fell in love with are beginning to get buried under corporate bureaucracy and censorship. I mean you can't really (nor should you, i guess =p) say "fuck" when talking about a college run nuclear research reactor but still...

    Anyway, I still have high hopes for the new direction the site has taken. and I still really hope that Will and Norm keep up the excellent work (regardless of any newfound censorship/bureaucracy).