Please, Everyone Take a Breath...

Created by will on March 16, 2012, 5:53 p.m.
  • I was wondering if there is a chance that the future Tested videos will be recorded (and uploaded, of course) in 1080p?

  • @will said:

    @Thales_of_Miletus said:

    Hey, I know what is a good idea, why not answer some of these questions Will and Norm? You know, like, actually respond to them in a clear and concise web post that you can then sticky to the top of the site.

    I responded to pretty much everything I saw in the first 45 or so pages. Since then, it's either been abuse or things I can't really address. When there are legit questions, I'll answer them.

    I'm hoping mine was the latter and not the former? I feel my questions are definitely "legit" in my opinion, but I see how maybe some of my concerns couldn't be addressed?

    I meant no offence, I just feel like, more than anything, assuming you WANT integration with the old community, having Jamie and Adam interact with us is important. AND other stuff, but if you want to START somewhere...

    Still respect the hell out of you guys and enjoy the articles being written (by both new and old staff).

  • I'm happy with the changes to Tested, especially the expanded scope of the site. That said, are categories coming for the posts? Sometimes, I find myself wanting to zero in on the latest content per category rather than have to scan through all of it.

    Also, I know this is well covered territory, but even after many days of using the site, I still do not like the new design scheme. I find it hard on the eyes and that it is a bit harsh overall. I think the percentage of white on any given page is a bit too high. Just my two cents.


  • Will, Functional stuff is always the most important over visual stuff. Happy these things are on the cards at least!

    VERY happy the podcast RSS is working now and seeing pagination fixing and things (Norm's Gallery post was a nightmare) being sorted are important. Visual stuff is easy.

  • No
  • yea..... im kinda not coming back here till a redesign happens, i understand broadening tested's focus but i am just bored with the site now

    im sorry to say so, really i am!!, tested was really one of the main reasons i got back way into technology!!

    please when the redesign happens, have it so that we can choose to only view the tech news or some sort of news filter option.

    and please please please, get a different color option for the site, this white design seriously strains the eyes,

  • We're on the up and up.


  • @Rallier: Yeah I was really confused until I saw the year.

    This site has definitely delivered on the promise it made last year with the change. We still get all the good tech content like from the old site but we also get way more. I still link people to that amazing article on the US Postal Service and how crazy they went with moving mail around. That was a cool article. And all the Adam Savage stuff is really good too.

    I definitely think there should be more food stuff, the omelet video is amazing and so were those videos at the Modernist Cuisine place. I found those particularly interesting.

  • They seem to be doing more original content and less reposting of Youtube videos/articles from other sites, which is nice. The site is definitely not the same, for good and for worse, mostly good though!

    All the cool stuff they've done over the last year is really amazing. I do miss the stupid stuff sometimes, in the style of condom/water balloon/Bricked videos. Also the fact that Gary is rarely on the podcast makes me sad :(

  • You guys have done a bang up job this year. Honestly congrats!

  • I'm glad to see it has worked out. There were some pretty negative vibes a year ago, glad to see it panned out well
  • Where are they, all those people are who were predicting the rapid and complete failure of Tested?

  • Wow, So much has been done in the past year. I love the new direction that Tested has taken. I also love that Adam is so involved in this site.