New site design impressions

Created by Rallier on March 16, 2012, 12:33 p.m.
  • I can't tell if the forums are screwed up or just really bad.

  • I think the site is still being pushed out as we speak. Its a big transition so it may be a little bit before everything is working right.

  • Not really digging the absence of Will and Norm on the tested branding, considering they are a large part of what makes the tested site and name so special. Not to say that Jamie and Adam aren't cool, because Mythbusters is great. Design wise, it's ok, it's far more industrialized in terms of color (or lack there of) and personality.

  • Yeah, I'd say that, until further notice, don't take anything design-wise as "right" until Will, Norm, or the Top Men give the all-clear.

  • Goddamit.

    It will always be Will and Norm's Tested to me...

  • @sneterz: Same, I kinda want to see Will and Norm up there too

  • Seems pretty basic, I'll give it time though

  • @sealsj3: I know... I think I might remove my DP just to see Testiclees again.

  • J and A are cool and all but it feels weird seeing them on the logo instead of Will and Norm. Whatever though they made a new video showing off the site and Will and Norm.

  • I hope this design gets re-done. It's too white!!!

  • I like the design, it's very clean. I'm more shocked by it being called "Jamie & Adam: Tested" I get that their names carry a lot of weight I just feel like it's stepping on the baby that Will & Norm so lovingly raised.

  • Not liking this at all. Will and Norm need to be up top.

  • Our medals are missing. That makes me sad. T_T

    Also lots of white.

  • This is so strange. Is the old logo gone for good? Now no one will know what my mug means :(

  • The forums are a little buggy, and the design is a little jarring. But it's not bad. With some tweaks and some time to get used to it I'm sure it'll be fine.

  • It needs Will and Norm also up there! Maybe Gary as well since he's a huge part of the podcast. If they do that than I like that change to put the people behind the website up over the banner. After all, Whiskey Media sites biggest focus has always been the people behind the content.

  • wait, did our post count get rest too? O_O

  • Can we really not comment on news articles now?

  • Also welcome to anyone who is new!

  • This makes me sad. :(

  • Why is it "Jamie & Adam Tested"? That video really pissed me off. Will and Norm built this site with hard work over two years and this makes it seem like Adam and Jamie has done all the work and will do all the work in the future. I come to Tested for Will and Norm... not Jamie and Adam.

  • @monkeyman04: and there are ads too:

  • Don't like that will and norm aren't really present on the sites design.

    The forums are a big buggy, and really white.

    It's sad that the old logo had to go, but i'm sure maybe some legal reasons are behind it. (Dislike that even on the logo its.. 'Adam and Jamie'). Seems very focused on those two and not a lot on Will/Norm - this will certainly kill the userbase at least of original members.

    I hope there is a way to get rid of ads. It'll suck if I have to bare them, I loved that my WM membership got rid of them.

  • @rastapasta: same here.

  • Very blocky design. All I want is to watch Will and Norm blow some shit up now.

  • The site needs some contrast. Too much white.

    Also, I'm not to thrilled about them getting rid of the old logo and adding "Jamie and Adam Tested" with their picture. Don't mean to sound like an ass, but it's Will and Norm's Tested. Always will be.

    Also, changing the podcast page and logo is pretty disgusting too.

    Other than that, pretty cool. I'm excited for what this is becoming.

  • I'm really disappointed, There are no improvements only features taken away from the site that made it more usable. Where are the drop down tabs along the top menus? Where has the single page design where videos could be loaded without a whole refresh gone? Where has the fucking quote button gone in the forums? I was all for this shift but this site design is objectively worse in every way. The colour scheme also makes everything very hard to read as well.

    I know you want to rebrand or whatever and I don't mind too much about that but don't remove site functionality in the process just to make it something different.

  • I'm having some weird bugs when posting. Also, can't quote posts? I hope this will be fixed.

  • Users don't seem to have "pages" anymore. In fact, I have no settings screen either. That's weird to me.

  • Well I'm excited to see where this goes... I'm guessing a lot of the user stuff is still being built, so we'll see how everything changes over the next few weeks.