Tested Folding@Home team; Anybody on board?

Created by CROM on March 15, 2012, 7:17 p.m.
  • Yeah, let's keep going. I am going to join in as well, now that my internet connection has been upgraded. I'll be operating at a lower capacity since my GPU died, but I might be replacing it in the next month or two.

  • We're still around though not nearly in the same capacity as we once were. I've been out of the game for some time myself.

  • @WolfOfOne: A lot of us have fallen by the wayside, myself included. Perhaps in the summer we'll get back to form.

  • @Mirado: perhaps, I'm having problems with my watercooled GPU bing a lot hotter than it should be.

  • @WolfOfOne: And I'm having problems with my GPUs spending a large amount of time in boxes on cargo planes heading out to Cali, but that's just how it goes. :D

    What's up with your GPU? Is it an issue in the watercooling loop itself or more specific to the contact between the block and the GPU?

  • @Mirado: I think I need to re-do the TIM application, it's not at dangerous levels but leaves no comfortable room for overclocking. And i don't think I'd trust it going F@H 24/7. The loop itself is fine as my CPU is nice an frosty.

  • I'm not getting as much folding in as I used to, since I pretty much never leave my laptop at home when I'm at school 3 days a week, and am on it almost constantly when I'm home most of the other days. I try to leave it running overnight but it's loud. I'm hoping to get a desktop again finally by this summer, as my living situation should be a bit more stable location-wise.

  • @DavidGHolland: Nice, glad to have you on board. This thread hasn't been active for a while, which is probably the reason for the inactivity. Things should start picking up again soon.

  • @CROM: Need someone to keep the thread at the top?

  • @Greg818: Like a sticky? I don't know if we need to clutter the forums, and that functionality isn't working right now anyways. Regular progress updates and whatnot should keep the thread visible, as long as we're just not spamming it.

    I'll be bringing the ultra-slow Netburst server online today. I don't even know if it can finish WUs on time. My desktop should also be joining in. I'm curious to see if my 8600 GT can do anything (it is a temporary replacement for my failed 8800 GTS).

  • We are now ranked 600th globally. Good job, everyone.

  • @CROM: cool :)

    I'll be folding a few WUs as I break in my retooled waterloop

  • O wow we have more than 17 Million Points!!!

  • Last week I changed the addressing scheme for my LAN, and forgot to update the configuration on my folding machines. So they haven't done any work in the past 6 days. Oops.

  • @CROM: oops!

  • Got the i7 860 clocked at 3.8GHz, gotta stress test the waterloop and get some more 'D for Tested

  • How's the F@H team looking these days? I've started up again :)

    PS forum search on Tested is terrible :(