Hair dryer vs compressed air

Created by chickdigger802 on March 15, 2012, 7:07 p.m.
  • When is compressed air better than the old hair dryer for blowing away dust from your electronics? Might just be me, but the can always seem to be empty when I need it the most. Can't really think of many household electronics that are sensative enough to be damaged by a hair dryer.

    Btw are there hand pumpable compressed air like air horns?
  • @chickdigger802: Hair dryer? Unless you're a girl, in which case, you'd have one of those nuclear hair dryer, the canned/compressed air will be more efficient. I guess you could find what you're talking about in the photo department. One of those? Also, this is not bad to have to clean electronics.

    @Rallier: Just FYI, when you embed a YouTube video, people without flash player can't understand what's happening and just have a giant blank space:
    It might be nice to put a like instead, so people understand what's happening and can see what your talking about. Just saying.
  • @Rallier: Because it's a bottomless pit of lousiness? Also, I'm not the only one at tested browsing w/o flash. Personally, I don't care, but you might, as when one talks in public, one has to try to reach out to one's audience...
    Plus, when several flash videos are embedded in one page, it's a nightmare for people w/ slow computers. I've noted that several times on tested. There are a lot of people w/ old/slow computers, and still, many times, I've seen threads with several videos embedded, and the one about science symphony... or something like that, it was a mile long blank page, so for someone with slow computer and flash, this particular one would be a nightmare. I'm telling that to you because you're a moderator, and you have to lead by example, but it's not against you, it just seems to me that it's like forum 101, and yet very few people appear to think about it. Those of us "blessed" with modern computers tend to easily forget those who aren't.
  • @Greg818 you are being a little overly critical.


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  • @cripplecaptain: No, otherwise, I wouldn't say it, right? But on many forums there are "no video/just link" and "800x600 max photo" rules, to preserve loading time, CPU and legibility. Off course, with just one video, this isn't a problem, but like I said, in the specific case of the "symphony of science" thread, 9 videos! It's way too much. But we're digressing now, aren't we?
  • @chickdigger802:
    I dont recommend useing a hair dryer for the same reasons its not recommended to use a vacume (the air is hot and dry and particle pass through the plastic nozzle creating static electricity), if you do not have a can of compressed air or hand powered duster (like this but not necessarily this exact one then eithe wait until you do or pick out what you can with your hands and tweezers.
  • Yeah it's a bad idea to use a hair dryer because of the static. I'm pretty sure even a hair dryer can damage some of the components in your computer. I always buy those 3-packs of compressed air and I've been running off a single pack for over a year.


    " @Greg818: Your argument is valid but i sure wasn't expecting to hear it anno 2011. Myself i never really found a ton of flash videos on a single page "experience crippling", sure it took a bit to load them up initially but nothing dramatic enough to straight up browse the web without flash. The only time i remember actually noticing it was in a 40 replies per page forum topic about favourite road songs where on average there were 2 videos embedded per post. Other uses of flash are a different story however, some websites are really poorly designed. I'm saying this never having owned a computer that even when I bought it was anything above "passable", well laptops actually.
    Embedding flash videos is pretty much an integral part of forums now a days and I do believe that those who are actually having a problem with them are a strong minority.  I might be wrong of course since i have no statistics available to base myself on here but you are the first one I've  heard mentioning it.  Now if it turns out that this actually is a problem and there are a lot of people  purposefully  browsing the site with flash not installed the "top-men" will have to look into it and perhaps modify the embed code so that the source is automatically displayed under it. 

    I do not think it is "forum 101" to include a link to the video under the embedded video. I've actually never seen it happen. The only forum 101 i remember was to put "56k warning" in picture heavy threads but that one fortunately  was not needed any-more  some years afterwards when broadband became mainstream.  

    I'm not familiar with flash blockers but would't that be a better solution instead of simply not having flash installed? I assume that whenever you run into a flash object  then you can  simply click it to load it up. 

    I am the "culprit" for the Symphony of Science thread, sure is long but  wanted to make it so that people would be able to listen to it without having to open up a new window for every song/video. The actual Symphony of Science website has it displayed like that as well. (i just tricked myself into listening to the whole thing again ^^).

    Rallier, I don't think you have to defend yourself heh. Ironically, I'm browsing right now on a Korean version of Safari that doesn't have Flash installed, but it does in fact give me a message that I'm missing a plug-in. If anything, even if there is no warning that Flash is missing it makes it more dramatic. 


  • @Greg818: nice sharing!!

  • Refills from bicycle pump or compressor :