Google+ Invite Thread!

Created by Krushr on March 15, 2012, 7:01 p.m.
  • @krushr: Can you send one my way? That'd be awesome.

  • @krushr:

    If you could get me in that would be awesome.

    And shouldn't we also make a circle thing while at it?


    I'll pay it forward!
  • @UnreliableNarrator@StriderNo9: Invites sent!

  • Thanks a lot guys!

    It be sweet to have a go at this.
  • Alright guys, I've sent out my last invite for a while, gotta get back to work!

  • @krushr:

    Thanks if anyone wants in pm me your email I guess. Just realized though that I don't really know anyone who has it since pretty much no one does.

  • @krushr: Thanks man. I'm in.

    I'll definitely be sending out any received invites to Testees.

  • I've got my invite, so anyone who wants in just PM me your email! I'll also try inviting some people from the thread as well if I remember it.

  • i'm in,  Just PM me your email and ill invite you as soon as i can.
  • Fuck yea, tested!

  • I can send out a few invites, PM me

  • Thanks raven!

  • Can I get an invite from anybody? Would be much appreciated. Email is

  • I'm in, and if anyone wants to... you know, be my friend or whatevs, my email is I want to be inside your circle. 

    Thanks to anyone who invites me!
  • @LtSquigs: I'll send you one if I can

    I just logged back in and the invite link is gone from my home page, any idea where Google moved it? It used to be on the far right under get mobile version but now its gone.

  • @WolfOfOne: I think they've taken invites away for now.

  • @fish_face_mcgee: Ah okay. Sorry guys, I'll post here if it comes back to me, feel free to try to grab an invite from someone else in the meantime :)

  • @tylernerd: Where can you actually invite people on that page?

  • @tylernerd: I think all that does is let you share w/ them via email, they dont actually get access to google+

  • Yeah don't think the invites are open anymore unfortunately. Thanks anyway tyler.

  • Would love an invite!
  • I wouldn't mind giving it a shot if someone has a spare invite (when invites open up again).
    If you have an invite you're willing to part with, PM me as I don't like posting my email in public forums, I get enough spam as it is.
  • If it comes back on I would totally love an invite. I for one welcome our new google overlords.

  • @circle: Are you Shaun? I got an email but it doesn't seem to have any link to sign up in it.

  • @circle: Hey I clicked on the link and it initially took me to the "Keep Me Posted" page which was why I posted back on here but tried it again just now and it worked! Thanks duder! Anyone else who wants invites post your email and I'll send you invites.

  • Saw this on google+ and have sent invites via this method to those that PMd me, hope it works!

    "Want to get around the Google+ invite restriction? Make a new post and add your non-member friend's email address as the only person who can see it. They'll get asked to join when they get on here."

  • I am usually not one to beg...

    But could I please get an invite? :D