What do you think of the Tested website desing?

Created by Liminality on March 15, 2012, 6:59 p.m.
  • A fan 100%. The guys over at Wiskey media did a really fantastic job of creating a trendy web design. Also digging that the forum spans 100%.
  • I'm used to the white, since I've been using it a lot on Giant Bomb.  
    I'm a fan of dots.
  • It's very white...I'm hoping they do some new and interesting stuff with their design especially considering how cool their material is going to be.
  • I especially like how the backgrounds on the profile pages work, as I've expressed in another thread already. It maintains the nice intuitive feel of the other Whiskey sites, while still being different. Great stuff so far, I'm really excited for this site.
  • i like it but the first page could use some condensing, the newest forum posts should be more prominent as to keep a community interested and talking imo.
  • I like it. I too use the white Giant Bomb site off and on so i'm used to it.
  • Also, if the other websites have alignments, should this website have something like Mac, Windows, Linux and Neutral?
  • I'm on the fence.  It seems like it was rushed a bit, which I believe Dave Snider has admitted that it was, so hopefully there'll be a bit of a design update in the future.  Oddly enough it seems a little plain to me when it does in fact use more colors and quirks than all three of the other Whiskey sites.  Weird.
  • I would love to be able to change it to black.
  • I think they did a fantastic job designing it. Well done engineers!
  • I like it a lot.  It's nice and bright, yet not a pain on the eyes like the white Giant Bomb.
  • after spending more time on here, it's not bad during the day, but I wish I had a night mode option still.  It does get a bit bright, especially switching tabs between this and vice
  • I like it, but the background picture looks like it came from a Blogger template. (Which is a bad thing.)
  • Maybe a little bit too bright.  when I first saw it I hated it, but now that I've looked at it for longer I've kinda gotten used to it.  I don't love it, but I can handle it.
  •  Vertical constraints.  So there is a gray box around everything.  When you pick a tab, its like a file folder.  I hate that.  
    I have a widescreen monitor and it never renders nicely ie it looks stretched out.  if you look at engadget, they take away the need for constraining their content by making the background a solid color and centering the text.   
  • It seems nice and clean to me. It's very tech manualish.
  • I need a darker option, my eyes are burning.... AHHHHHHHHHH 

  • I can only look at the site for about 5-10 minutes before I started feeling blinded and need to switch back to GB.
    Also, the main page seems a bit cluttered at the moment. It's like if, instead of GB having thumbnail links to their new articles and videos, they just threw it all up one after the other on the main page.