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Created by IzninjaFTW on March 15, 2012, 6:45 p.m.
  • I've got this:

    I hate having to deal with Comcast, but I guess I can live with the speeds.

  • Since last years post (page 6) figure I'd post an update for being in a different demographic region, modem and ISP. (DL: 35.57Mb/s, UL: 5.80Mb/s, Ping: 14ms)

    On a DOCSIS 3.0 setup now and I find and service appears to be much less consistent.

  • It can go up to 25 down when it's not over wifi and is feeling nice. With my student discount I pay $23 for that.
  • @theseductivemoose said:

    @test0r said:
    100/100, I've had this for about 3 years now.
    Goddamnit. Where you at?

    The Swedes are crazy. I can get up to 150 Mb/s here, but I just checked and that Bahnhof Internet AB provider offers up to 1.000 Mb/s... that's insane. :)


  • @Dracono: It's nice that Comcast provisioned their spectrum to allow that much upload. Where I live, the most upload you can get on DOCSIS is 2 Mbps, and that's on a 75 Mbps download package (75/2 is really dumb) because of how the ISP set up their spectrum. Rumor has it that they are removing some analog TV channels to free up some frequencies for additional upload capacity.

  • @CROM: 75/2?? holy hell that's messed up :P

  • Tree fell on a car up the street, knocking down three power poles and a whole intersections worth of traffic lights and took out our power all over my neighborhood. Almost got hit by the street light closest to my driveway (about 500 yards away from where the tree fell) when it fell off the end of the pole. Using my iPhone to tether my MacBook I'm getting respectable speeds. Even as much as I hate AT&T, this isn't bad at all considering my comcast service is only about 13mbp.

  • @HKZ: Holy shit, what caused that? High winds, car hitting the tree, something else?

    That's got to be a nightmare of a cleanup. If it isn't too much to ask, try breaking that into its own topic and putting up some pictures if you could; you're sure to get a lot of interest in something that crazy.


    10.65 download, 1.43 upload, 82ms ping.

    Not great, but fast enough for me. I think people that do torrents or a lot of video uploading are the ones that would want anything much faster.

  • @april: I would have expected a robot to have a better internet connection.

  • @CROM: I'm not 100% sure that's a robot. He/she overuses exclamation marks and underuses capitalization, but he/she responded with a book in the book thread and thanked me for my build it's at least a courteous robot that enjoys 60's American literature.

  • @Mirado: high winds caused an oak tree (I think) to break about 10 feet off the ground and go all HULK SMASH on the power lines right in front of it on the street. Luck and good awareness kept the guy and his wife in the car from getting hurt. I'll dig out the pics and put it in a thread.

  • 14.05 down/0.34 up/25 ms
  • 2Mbps down and 0.6Mbps up. It's not all that reliable either.

    I was told by 2 different companies I could get a fiber to the cabinet setup, before both couldn't get it working and decided to just leave it. My line is cursed, forever doomed to poor internet.

  • My speed test results are, Downloadspeed:1.787Mbps Uploadspeed:0.837Mbps I checked my internet speed test here . Is this good or not