Post your internet speeds HERE!

Created by IzninjaFTW on March 15, 2012, 6:45 p.m.
  • Show off your internet speeds here :D 
    Here's mine 
    And here is my ping
    My upload speed is godlike. The server in Saskatoon is crap.  I get way better results from basically any other server.  It has a 100+ ping while the Edmonton and Calgary servers are 40-50.
  • Speed
    I pay £15/$23 dollars for this. 
  • Perhaps norm or will could post the speed of there new office's internet? To compare there old office's internet to the new one
  • My Low ping = WIN! 
    however my bandwidth is not so much of a win.........
  • I forgot to mention, i got my speeds from a usb wireless adapter. I haven't speed tested it with ethernet yet :D
  • Eat it suckas 
    To be fair, I was torrenting something plus downloading something else on the side, but...
  • @Fripplebubby: Lol nice
  • I feel like a jerk :/ 
    it's usually 25/25. 
    Not great, get a peak download speed of about 900KB/s though which isn't bad.
  • Wow. I am actually annoyed that we don't get South Korean speeds. Could be worse I suppose. 
  • @bored_and_agitated: holy cow! how much do you pay for such amazing service?
     I tested all 4 Bay Area servers, just to see what my ping would be to them. They never calculate it right, I get 25-35 ping on the PC Gamer TF2 server. 

    Upload is pathetic. Adding insult to injury, they offer 6Mb up/1Mb down for the same price now, but mine still retains the old speed. I haven't bothered mentioning it to them because I'm going to switch ISPs soon anyway.

  • @Zaph said:
    I always wondered why people have such nice download speeds yet absolutely pitiful upload speeds.


  •   Usually I get better d/l and u/l speeds than that, but I think I have some stuff going on in the background.  Plus there's about 14 other people sharing the same connection in my house, it's better during some off hours.
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  • @Rehehelly said:
    " @Zaph said:
    I always wondered why people have such nice download speeds yet absolutely pitiful upload speeds. "
    There are various reasons like infrastructure cost, DOCSIS standards and also trying to prevent people from running servers using consumer priced broadband. 
    It's a great service though, reliable speeds and it's truly unlimited (no enforced FUP). All for £35/month.
    TBH I barely ever notice the upload speed is so low, even things like small TF2 and Ventrilo servers run fine. The only annoyance is when I need to upload massive images and InDesign files to our work FTP server - that can be frustrating.
    It's also getting upgraded to 100Mb down and 10Mb up in September, which is nice.
  • @Zaph said:
      It's also getting upgraded to 100Mb down and 10Mb up in September, which is nice. "
    No sir, that's fucking gargantuanly intensely amazingly awesome. 
  • @BaskervilleManor: I live in central florida slong the space coast and i have Road Runner as my ISP and i get higher, but then again we are also paying for there "Turbo service". Do you have Brighthouse for cable? 
  • @IzninjaFTW: me and my sister pay ~$65 for internet and a landline from Verizon.
  • @BaskervilleManor: Yeah, there reaches a point where most of the speed is wasted.  As nice as it is being able to download full movies in a minute or two, it's really not necessary.  I'm certainly not going to complain though.
    pretty good for the bare minimum here, if my family would hurry up and cancel our cable we could have fiber! but no they still watch tv like cavemen lol.
  • Stole my results from a similar thread on GB a while ago.
  • @AJ: Universities have such fat pipes, they make me all tingly. 
    does your school monitor the line for torrent usage and stuff?

  • I will post mine once I get home.  But it's pretty much the same as @Webby: Upload varies from 3~4 
    Wish my area would have higher speeds than that.  Dam you FIOS for being just 30 minutes north of me and not moving down (*shake fist*).  
    God I hate comcast with a passion..... drops constantly.  When I had Verizon DSL never dropped (maybe once a week? at most)  Comcast drops about 2 times a day and maybe more?  Sometimes it drops it won't come back up for an hour just depends.  I unplug router and modem or just modem sometimes the internet still won't come back up.