What are your top 5 apps?

Created by X19 on March 15, 2012, 6:36 p.m.
  • In no order, these are the ones I use the most (besides Safari): 
    1. Giant Bomb App
    2. Wikipanion
    3. Facebook
    That's really I use.
  • Apps...this is part of the reason why I refuse to support the smartphone era of phones.
  • @X19 said:
    " @ZombiePie: Why don't you you like them dude? "
    Yeah. I don't really see a problem with them...
  • @JJWeatherman said:
    " @X19 said:
    " @ZombiePie: Why don't you you like them dude? "
    Yeah. I don't really see a problem with them... "
    It makes life easier for us, so there not a problem.
  • 1) Tweetie (Twitter app)
    2) Facebook
    3) Remember the Milk (GTD app)
    4) Trillian (instant messaging)
    5) TrackThis (package tracking app with push notifications)
  • In no particular order: 
    Tweetie 2 (Twitter app, probably the best iPhone one) 
    Plants v Zombies (Because it's Plants vs Zombies, obviously) 
    OmniFocus (Getting things done, syncs well with the desktop version) 
    Gowalla (foursquare kinda service) 
    Mahjong Police (It's a mahjong game.  REAL mahjong, not that crappy mahjong solitare crap)
  • On Android, in a very particular order. 
    1. Dolphin Browser (Web browser with Gesture system, generally better than the stock browser)
    2. Snesoid Lite (SNES Emulator)
    3. Alice (Essentially Last.fm events, but with GPS and less clutter) 
    4. Gmote (remote control of your PC, streaming of all your files to your phone over Wi-Fi) 
    5. And my wallpaper deserves its own point... 

  • I'm not much of a app person, but some of the few apps I got are: 
    Giantbomb app 
    A danish public transport guide 
    A Danish/English dictionary  
  • Giantbomb
    Since this didn't seem to be iPhone-OS specific, I'll post my android favs here: 
    1. ChompSMS 
    2. Twidroid 
    3. Home++ 
    4. Facebook for android 
    5. email/GMail apps
  • On WebOS:
    1) CBC Radio
    2) drPodder
    3) Twee
    4) Grooveshark
    5) ScummVM
    also @ZombiePie, phones are only going to get smarter. It's best to just accept it.
  • I don't use my iPod as much as I used to, but I'll have to say: 
    1. TextFree 
    2. Meebo 
    3. Facebook 
    That's all. I used to use more, but I've grown bored of my iPod and would like a nice slate in the coming months.

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