Minecraft is 10 years old!

Created by cowgod on May 20, 2019, 4:08 p.m.
  • I really hope they mention this on the next TIOAT and talk about how influential Minecraft is for more than 2 seconds. Minecraft Earth looks promising and I'm pretty excited about it. There is also a huge sale going on for both the game and all kinds of merchandise. I picked up a great LEGO set and a cool torch keychain.

  • I read the news that Minecraft also has made biggest sales on computer game industry over the years.. of all computer/console games. That is amazing for 3D placing block game, which was originally started by one Swedish coder (Markus Persson) in his spare time project. Second biggest sales at computer games: Tetris, 2D block placing game, which was originally started by one Russian coder (Aleksei Pazitnov ) in his spare time project!