Tested Discord or PUBG?

Created by FJVarro on Jan. 2, 2018, 4:37 p.m.
  • Wondering if anyone would be interested in a Tested Fan Discord. Maybe we could get some PUBG games going with other cool tested fans!

  • A Tested official discord would be awesome. Could augment the forums a lot.

  • Agreed.

  • So I know this isn't the "Tested" discord server, but if you sub to Will's twitch channel @ twitch.tv/notthatwillsmith you can join a subscriber-only discord that Will made. There's a bunch of Tested Fans and some interesting conversations that go on during the stream and in the discord. Its a cool community!

    Stop by and say hi and tell @nuggetwiththesauce (me) how to join the sub-only discord and I'll explain how

  • Is there one yet? I'd love to join it.

  • +1 for discord