Console or PC

Created by MAGZine on March 15, 2012, 6:24 p.m.
  • Console for me. I don't have the money to buy and then continue to upgrade a viable gaming PC. If I did have the cash I would definitely be a PC gamer, but sadly my budget restricts me to consoles. 
  • Alright. I noticed there were a fair amount of Giant Bomb users. As a player of many of the games of the MaximumPC/PCG crew, I've been eagerly anticipating Will and Norm's website since they both left MaximumPC a month or 2 back. 
    Myself, I'm a PC guy, but I can't help but wonder how this stands up for the rest of the community. 
  • I like the simplicity and reliability of Consoles, but the benefits of the mouse/keyboard makes PCs more than worth the effort. 
    Not to mention how awesome mods can be on the PC.
  • I would prefer PC if I could afford one that was beasty enough to run what I want it to run. Sadly I'm broke, but I still voted PC. It would be my preference.
  • Also curious, what is the perceived cost of building a gaming rig?
  • @MAGZine said:
    " Also curious, what is the perceived cost of building a gaming rig? "
    Meaning what do I think it costs? Upwards of a couple grand. 
  • @Dan said:
    " @MAGZine said:
    " Also curious, what is the perceived cost of building a gaming rig? "
    Meaning what do I think it costs? Upwards of a couple grand.  "
    Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. 
    I noticed that a lot of people on the 'net think that PC gaming costs far more than it actually does.
  • @MAGZine: How much does it cost? Am I in the right zone?
  • PC.
  • I'll pick the PC, although I use a lot more time on my consoles. Hard choice, but I have to be loyal to me PC games! xD
  • @Dan: I'd say if you needed a complete setup, you could be playing most games on medium-to-high on a 22" panel for ~$1,000. It wouldn't be anything extravagant, but it would sure as hell get the job done!
  • Console because I lack the funds to purchase a gaming PC, and I would be screwed when the time came to upgrade it.
  • @MAGZine: That doesn't seem too bad, but there is still the need for a little "know-how" in there. Any dumbass (i.e. myself) can plug in a console. I've looked in to building PCs and it's beyond my comprehension. The barrier of entry to a good gaming PC is comprised mostly of a large cash investment, or some gumption and a slightly smaller cash investment. The simplicity of consoles attracts people like myself. :D
  • @Dan: I figure that if you can figure it all out yourself, you save $60++ when you play games. PC games are $10 - $20 ($30 in some cases) cheaper than their console counterparts. I figured it out just fine. With a hour to spare and the internet at your side, it's pretty easy to put together. You could do it, I"m sure. It's like putting together a 10 piece puzzle, and all of the connectors a built in such a way you can't really accidently plug anything in incorrectly, unless if you're utilizing some serious force. 
    I will give you that Console are a lot easier to get set up.
  • I'm primarily a console gamer (or a console tard if you want to be a dick about it). My PC is alright. It'd probably even make a decent gaming rig if I upgraded the video card. I just enjoy the simplicity of popping a disc in the console and not having to worry about having to troubleshoot some stupid problem to get my games to work.
    That said, I play select games on my PC. Mainly Team Fortress 2, since the PC version is vastly superior to its console counterparts.
  • @Hexogen: Did the 360 even get the TF2 class updates for free?
  • @MAGZine:  Nope. On the 360 it's the exact same game it was in 2007. No new maps, no new weapons, nothing. Which is why I play the PC version.
  • @Hexogen: I'm guessing once they finish with the Engineer update, they'll push it out to the consoles, since MS would ragequit the XBox if Valve wanted to push out every update (read: DLC) for free.
  • I use consoles more, but I will admit PC is better.
  • For gaming, almost always console.  The only games I really play on the PC are RTS games and a few TBS games. 
    Most anything else, I prefer on the console (Yes, I prefer FPS on the console.  I actually can't play FPS games with mice)
  • @Addfwyn: Funny. I invited my buddy over to play Bad Company 2 when it first came out since he didn't have it. It was doing alright. Fast forward 20 hours and he tries to play it on the console. His aiming was so far off it was hilarious. Best part: he's typically a console player. Now he blames me for ruining BC2 for him. IMO, I merely showed him the light. :P
  • Seems like most people here are PC people. I prefer consoles games because it's what I grew up on. When you live in the middle of nowhere, you don't see many computers. Only my friend had a game system, which was cool. I didn't own a console until I was 8. That's when I got my Nintendo 64. Since then, I've fallen in love with console games. I have a powerful PC, but that's only if I want to play a game for the PC that is better for the PC.
  • @godslam: Interesting. I grew up with consoles but moved to PC as soon as I could afford to build one. I owned a PS2, but never really played it that much.
  • Console gaming. My PC doesn't run PC games very well, so much of my massive Steam collection is actually unplayable. :D
    Oh, and I accidentally chose chose PC for the poll because I'm an idiot.
  • An $1100 build for anyone who cares. Anything that you want to reuse is money off the build (ie, case, Operating system (provided you have a copy of one), mouse, keyboard, harddrive, monitor). It was fast, but gives you a general idea of what you get for ~1k.  
    This would get you playing games on medium-to-high settings on a 22" panel.  Also must say suprised to see that the results are pretty evenly split for the most part.

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  • I like using a controller and I'm just fine playing games on a TV. 
    But what the heck, sometimes I like to play PC games.
  • Console for me, but i do have some pc games. just not any super new ones.
  • PC, 
    last console I owned was an Atari 2600, one button FTW!!!
    I just can't play shooters with a gamepad, i just can't. Other games would be ok I guess. 

  • Console hands down my computer is a word processor first and a gaming platform second so I'm far more fond of my consoles than I am with my computer. Also my laptop is not a gaming laptop so it can't really play anything in the first place.