The Tested TF2 Coaching Thread (New players take notice!)

Created by lane on March 15, 2012, 6:24 p.m.
  • Have you jumped into Team Fortress 2 since it went free-to-play and found yourself getting stomped? Do you feel totally helpless behind the wheel of a certain class? If so, you're in luck! TF2 was recently updated to include a feature called coaching, which allows a veteran player to team up with a new player and help him with his game. You can see a video of this system in action here. The Tested server has some pretty skilled regulars, and I'm sure lots of them would be willing to help you out. If you're interested in either coaching or being coached, post here with your Steam handle and what you're interested in learning/teaching. If you find someone who looks like a good match for you, add them to your friends list. When you're on the server together, the newbie can click the "Request a Coach" button on the menu screen and select the vet as his coach. From there on, the possibilities are endless, and you'll be turning the other team into babies in no time.

    As for myself, I play as Buster Friendly on the Tested server. I'm comfortable coaching anything, though I'd be most helpful with Demoman, Soldier, Medic, and Engineer.

    e: To be clear, I won't accept your friend request if you haven't established contact with me here. I hate getting twenty new friend requests from complete strangers every time I post my Steam ID.

  • Darn, I'm a soldier... coming through! (Since when do I play video games before breakfast?) 
    By the way, I'm Greg (nice to meet you greg...)
  • So you guys can make me aim better?
  • @JoMate:

    Maybe. Have you turned on raw input and turned off mouse acceleration?

  • I'm a pretty good Pyro, I'm not a super vet but I do have 20 or so hours logged in on it, and I am also a fairly good medic so if you want some coaching on that I am willing to do that too.

    Also I am not that good at it, but I am also willing to teach how to play melee only Demoman. (It's the only correct way to play it, Got 40 kills last night on 2 fort. So many severed heads)

    Either way, if you want any kind of coaching feel free to look me up on Steam (LtSquigs) and give me a shout. I usually play on the Tested server also, but have been hanging around other servers now that its F2P.

  • I need to play some TF2... getting the itch so bad... must fix PC and not work so much.

    Medic at your service when I can!

  • @lane said:


    Maybe. Have you turned on raw input and turned off mouse acceleration?

    Mouse acceleration sure but I did not even knew about the existence of raw input, will be trying that out tomorrow but I am already digging this coaching thing.

  • Bump for all the newbies since I'm going to try to be on the server tonight. This week has been far too long.

  • Damn it, you would play on the day of Race Night...

  • wtf is Race Night and how is it more important than TF2?

  • Giant Bomb's Forza Motorsport Race Night. It's a thing. It's pretty cool.

  • Time to test if the raw input setting truly makes me aim better, if so beware...
  • @Falcon: Wait... is it night in europe or western US? cause I wanna know for shit sakes, you'll have a taste of my m/f-ing F-150 and you're gonna cry! 
    By the way I was on T/GB server... quite a lot of activity, I still suck, but a bit less now, also, I've got some sort of locked cooler (Summer cooler?)... what the hell that stuff? Is there a plasma torch to open it? Look, it's in my stuff
    @lane: It's Forza baby! Plus TF2, FM3... FM is 50% better!
  • Are you tired of entire team calling you baby? Do you find yourself hearing "cry some more" and realize it is you who is crying? Are you never credit to team?

    I probably can't fix that, but I can sure as hell try! I'm Mirado on Steam, and if you need help backstabbing fools, using more gun, eating sandviches, or anything that doesn't involve the Medic or Sniper (here's a hint for the Sniper: aim), I'm happy to help. I've put a lot of time into this game and I'd be happy to help with any questions.

    @Greg818: I think that's a new type of crate, which you need to buy keys to unlock. They don't drop, unfortunately, making the crates useless unless you want to pay. You can't even turn them into scrap.

  • @Greg818:

    The crate is a mystery item the purpose of which is yet to be determined. Hang on to it!

  • @lane: I thought someone here would have inside info... I'm kind of expecting a huge let down, like their "paid" crates, that you have 89% chances to get something lousy, and only 1% chance to get something cool. 
    @Mirado: Hey, I'm improving, I still suck, but a little less: 
    Still got a lot of work to do.
  • @Greg818: You're doing fine, and by having more then 10 kills at once with one class, you're better then at least half of the people out there.

  • @Mirado: Well, I shouldn't say it, but it's only thanks to the turrets and engineers coordination, we were two engineers packed with turrets and dispensers, but there was like four or five turrets built by other people that we kept up for quite a while, allowing us to live long (but not prosper), thus getting some kills... 
    Also, how do we pick up our own intel to bring it back home? I saw some people do that but, can't figure out how... 
    Edit: Also, I don't really get the point of the robot hand for the engineer, it makes a sucky turret and doesn't bring anything remotely interesting. Am I missing something?
  • @Greg818:

    Nah, it'll have something to do with the big Steam Summer sale going on right now.

    You can't pick up your own intel; it'll return to its spot automatically if nobody touches it for a certain length of time.

    The Gunslinger is the best thing to ever happen to the Engineer. Mini-sentries are cheap, fast, and expendable. Hide them in odd places on the map to rack up surprise kills. Drop them beside your teammates to give their push some more firepower. Harass the other team by dropping them constantly, forcing them to focus on destroying the sentries instead of your teammates. For the cherry on top, pair it with the Frontier Justice, rack up a half dozen revenge crits, then go to fucking town.

  • That crazy here, come on guys there's action it's like Vegas (minus the hookers)!!
  • @lane: I don't know, I feel much more comfy with the lvl3 turret than the tiny stuff. Plus now I've became kind of a fire bug...
  • @Greg818: The mini-turret forms a different role than the lvl 3 turret. The lvl 3 turret makes a great defense, but there are only a few places where its useful, its slow to replace, and its a big target thats hard to hide. The nice thing about the mini turret is that you can be a lot more flexible with it. It doesn't do as much damage, but you can lay them down really fast and adjust to situations really well. You can even kind of go on the offensive with it and the shotgun the engineer gets (forget its name) that makes it awesome.

    It just depends on your play style, personally I only play mini-turret sentries.

  • @Greg818: Without the Gunslinger, Engineers would be useless on offense beyond the teleporter. It takes too damn long to get a sentry nest set up, and it was even harder before the ability to move buildings was added. Now, as Lane said, you actually have the capability to support your offensive push, and you can do it two ways (teleporter to move your team up and mini-sentry for distraction/kills/Revenge crits.)

    Small tip if you find yourself playing CTF: if you are carrying the Intel as a slow class and spot an ally who is quicker, you can drop it by hitting L. Just make sure they expect you to drop it, as without coordination they'll run right by!

  • @LtSquigs: The Frontier justice! Love this one, I have of couple in stock... Like you said, it's all in the style (which I happen to have a lot of, and you don't) (1) I play engineer only for defense, and now I think I have my new class: Pyro. I love the flare gun, it looks rad and it's much more efficient than the Huntsman (see I speak like a TF2 vet). Plis it keeps your targets lit, kind of like a bullseye. And with JoMate as a medic, I even found myself beating the crap out of three guys at a time! A demoman, a scout, and a running fireball that I didn't even had time to identify. It's been a lot of fun. Except the doc ditched me and I didn't notice it and I got pounded by a linebacker... still scorched him quite a bit.
    Also, I had the most fun in this game with the medieval stuff, loved it. I which it would appear more often. 
    @Mirado: I'll keep that in mind.
  • @Greg818: I'm not a huge fan of the flare gun, I'm usually running through back alleys and taking round paths to back burn people that I don't do ranged attacks. Also I have tons of style.

  • Steam id: mattzz10, going to need some early help but definitely willing to learn!
  • @Mirado: I think I've became pretty good at sniper, 5 headshots in a row... I'm kin of proud... even if later I wasn't that good. I think I was pissing some people of there for a while. If you need some coaching, just let me know, could teach you plenty. (!)
    Is Fripplebubby's id fripplebubby.jar? 
    @LtSquigs: Actually, it kind of sucks I think, it's slow like the stock rocket launcher, and it does like 30point of damage at impact, but it's interesting that the target is set on fire, it allows to focus everybody on your taget easily, and I really love the style (when in the red team, cause in blue it looks like a french horn, if you know what I'm referring to). 
    Plus the thing I usually do is shoot a flare and switch to the flamer, it works pretty well. I also love it for the payload stuff, you stick to the wagon and vitrify everything that is close... 
    Edit: and by the way, I have a professional panama, THAT is stylish! Also, I have crocodile dundee's backpack, you just can't match that style, admit it.
  • @Greg818: I wear a hyper kinetic rabbit thingies head on my head, that's style.

  • @LtSquigs: Yeah, if you're a hooker. Told you, no match. 
    And also: (That brings a question to mind: why can't my guy stab when I clic? Most of the times, he just stays like he's sipping a margarita on a pool side.... I wanna stab, like Roberto in Futurama) 

  • That's pretty awesome, but I'm not going to waste anybody's time.