vr simulators

Created by reefbreland on April 9, 2016, 4:40 p.m.

  • So i need help on a business venture. My family has worked in the tow boat industry for a long time and i think vr can help the industry. So in the industry there is a job called a tankerman he does some very important work that is dangerous if not done correctly. Companies pay very good money to train these men and frankly there are only so many tank barges u can train workers on. MY plan a simulator that is Vr based that can accurately depict the problems they may face on the job. So there has to be fluid mechanics within the tanks i saw a recent viscosity demo that may help there, there has to be simple ui and a way to get tools and things they may need to deal with a situation. Space would not be an issue barges are rectangular and with the vive having the ability to have many lighthouses i can build a real world space to match the size of a barge so that's not a problem. My problem i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to making a game of any sort let alone a in depth simulator that can be professionally viable i think if I could pull it off it would open up a whole new world in vr. The ability to train people in dangerous situations at least close enough to the real thing so they can be assessed before brought to the real thing. Im thinking firemen, emts, the possibilities here are endless and i think the vive is the perfect solution is there anybody out there who can help me here