Esports, anyone?

Created by ggDoA on Jan. 13, 2016, 4:55 p.m.
  • Hey! I'm an esports commentator in Seoul and a longtime Mythbusters/Tested fan. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one out there who has these particular overlapping interests so let's get a conversation going!

    What competitive games are you watching/playing right now? I'm involved in LoL and Hearthstone, but I watch a bit of CS:GO and Smash Bros.

    Feel free to ask any questions if you're curious about the industry too! It's growing fast, but I realize that it's still a bit of a mystery to a lot of people as well so I'm happy to shed some light on it!


  • Wow, great to see you're a Tested fan Doa! As a guy whose been working constantly as a caster in e-sports do you see any technology coming along that might help shape the scene? I personally would love to see something with a VR headset.

    Thanks for helping to spread the e-sports dream and keep being awesome.

  • Hey doa, I been a fan of yours since the old SC2 IPL/MLG days and it's awesome to see how far you come in the esports scene with LoL. I was wondering how the korean esport scene is for other games other than LoL. I know that LoL is the dominant one and I will see the occasional OGN produced shows for Vainglory/Hearthstone. Is it mostly just OGN/Afreeca(SC2) that produces esport content in korea? Thanks

  • @Daewoorcr2k3 I agree about the VR thing. Creating virtual stadiums would be great for certain games like League or Street Fighter. It's way too cool of an idea to ignore forever! Aside from that it's going to be really interesting to see how the peripherals used to actually play competitive games change over time. Vainglory (the moba on tablets/phones) is already really interesting to take a look at because you've got the same game being played in a variety of ways (thumbs, finger tapping, stylus) and it requires a different sort of dexterity from the tradiation mouse/keyboard or controller. It's really cool!

    @Loomies A big part of esports is always looking ahead to the next game. Right now League is the biggest, but unlike traditional sports, videogames constantly have new iterations, patches, or simply better games that are released that replace the former. It's scary to some, but I love it! Doing the same game forever would be too boring to me!

    As far as the Korean scene itself goes, games like Vainglory and Hearthstone are really gaining a lot of popularity at the moment and I think Overwatch is going to do incredibly well. As far as broadcasters go right now OGN is by far the biggest, but Afreeca and SpoTV are putting a lot of work in to catch up as well. The more the merrier!