Mobile gamers, anyone?

Created by SkinnyVitch on Aug. 19, 2015, 1:25 a.m.
  • Playing Fallout Shelter on my tablet. I had been playing Sim City, but it gets boring at end game

  • I am still immensely satisfied with Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. Halfbrick makes some awesome games.

  • I've just spent the last half an hour trying to find some decent meaty iPad games. I'm going to try xcom and baldurs gate (Any suggestions would be awesome).

    I've been playing Asteroids by Atari on my iPhone. That's been a lot of fun for a game you can jump in and out of.
  • I still love to play Angry Birds, a great game. I spend most of my spare time to play.

  • At this point, I think it'd be fair to call myself a mobile gaming connoisseur. I have played hundreds of mobile games (free and not-so-free). The most interesting aspect of mobile gaming for me is the diversity of game interactivity. Generally speaking, on a console, you are limited to a controller. On a PC, a keyboard & mouse or a controller. But with a smartphone, you have two handed touch inputs in landscape mode, one handed touch in portrait mode, tilting/steering thanks to an accelerometer, and the less often used microphone and camera. This allows for widely different experiences using the same device.

    I bring this up because qualifying what a good game is on a smartphone becomes much more subjective. Battleheart is an incredible action RPG, but only suitable for two-handed play. Skiing Yeti Mountain is one of the best tilt games around, but demands your full attention and not necessarily suitable for play on a crowded subway train. Then you have games like Monument Valley that are just all around perfect.

    PS I'm aware that motion sensing exists in modern console controllers (dual shock 3 & 4 off the top of my head), but has never enjoyed the same widespread use as on phones.

  • @JamesNZ: @Nomnaut:

    You know... there's a new platform coming out for retro gaming. I've tried sending it to Tested but they haven't responded to my email. It's called Grue and it lets users play interactive fiction games via voice input. Literally a conversation with your apple watch, android wear, or smartphone.

  • @VaranusLabs:  I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to games and gaming, being a lifelong gamer married to another lifelong gamer. It's what we're passionate about. My Reddit, YouTube and twitter feeds are almost exclusively dedicated to gaming. I regularly back games on Kickstarter, read Game Informer every month (the last good gaming publication), and track new releases on iOS and Steam. I also sometimes contribute to a games review website that I admin. Likewise, I'm earning my Master's in CS.

    I've never heard of Grue. And if I've never heard of it, it's safe to say, no one has.
  • @Nomnaut: That's because:

    1.) We made Grue

    2.) We have no budget to promote it

    3.) Semi-public beta hasn't even properly begun.

    That said, would you care to be a part of the semi-public beta? I've sent info to Tested and a ton of others but replies have been slow in coming. We're happy to send APK's and Test Flight access to members of Tested, though! Hell, we developed Grue in a Makerspace in Knoxville, TN.

  • I'm addicted to Fallout Shelter myself. I'm at 200 dwellers and am now working on maxing out all my dwellers on all their stats.

  • I still love to play angry birds :D

  • I love to do gaming on pone as well as the tablet. I have been playing the Fallout Shelter on my iPad easily. Now I tried to install it on my iPhone 6S but I am unable to install it. I have asked Apple iPhone Support about this issue also. So is there any solution for this issue?? It will really help me.

  • My favorite games is angry birds and plant vs zombie, i still enjoy to play it.