Uses of an old xbox 360

Created by mpientok on July 24, 2014, 8:34 p.m.
  • Hey everyone, I was recently at my parent's house and found my old white xbox 360. It red ringed, back when that was happening, and I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I always had it in my head that there was something else I could do with it. I'm not an engineer by any means so I was wondering if anyone knows of any useful/fun things I could do with it. Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • might be able to mod it in to a pc case using an itx motherboard / power supply and slim form factor or laptop optical drives then you could then convert the front usb ports to hook to the board via header and the power button and use it as a smartbox or a emulator machine im doing something like that using a nes, tho it might be easier with the 360

  • @mpientok: if you pull it apart and give the board a bake you can probably get the solder balls to reset and have it function fine again. Its a common problem for large surface mount chips like video cards and consoles to have this problem. As crazy as it sounds the oven trick works great.

    Link to a guide about how to do this.

    on other uses front, You could turn it into a lamp, cut a few windows in it add some led lighting and maybe a small micro controller to allow changing and cycling of colors.

  • @ozzlander: Turning it into an emulator machine would be awesome. What do you mean by using it as a smart box?

  • @TsunamiJuan: I didn't necessarily want to get it back to working as an xbox 360, mainly because I bought a newer one that works great. I was interested in seeing if there was anything else I could do with it. I just wanted to know if there was a way to use the components inside to do something else. The lamp idea is interesting and would be pretty cool though.

  • @mpientok: if you dont have a smart tv but you hdmi on it you could use the pc to stream netflix hulu youtube and other services found in smart tvs which is what lead me to start my nes project to make a smart box but now i have a smart tv so im building the emulation machine. as for the emulation machine whats really cool is if you install windows the xbox and xbox 360 controllers work natively

  • The emulation machine is more up my alley. I just use my macbook to watch Netflix or whatever because it has an hdmi port. Is there maybe a step-by-step process you could point me to that would help?

  • @mpientok:

    i don't think there is a step by step im doing one my self and i helped someone do one before you will have to make your own mother board mounts and mounts for every thing its a lot of fabrication tho the site has lots of repair guides you can use as a tear down guides. i would recommend a micro atx or itx board one that has a external power supply like a ac adapter to save space and use 2.5 inch (laptop) hard drives.

  • @ozzlander: Sweet man. I shall be looking into that. Since you are doing one yourself, if you make any sort of help guide or anything, let me know. That would definitely help me out. Thank you for giving me the idea!

  • @mpientok:

    i will definitely post a semi step buy step im having a issue finding parts i like for it since its a bit more of an enclosed place to put everything

  • @ozzlander Well like I said, any sort of help would be appreciated. You know more than I do. I'm here to learn. I'm sure I'll have no problems taking it apart, it's the making it do something else thing that is completely out of my realm. Let me know whatever you post. Thank you again.

  • @mpientok: isnt much to know im kinda learning this as i go with this project i have some ideas of how to do it once i find the parts i want since i do pc repair for a living i know how to build one in a standard case but this way different in the beginning

  • @ozzlander: I have never built a pc so this stuff really interests me. I wanna learn whatever I can. Thank you again for replying and giving me some information. I enjoy learning very much. I checked out the ifixit sight and it is awesome. I had no idea this site existed. I will go into further detail with this website tomorrow.

  • in that case id suggest mabey tryihn a standard pc build as a excersize to get use to the parts and concepts of doing a build

  • @ozzlander: There should be more than enough room inside a gutted Xbox 360 case to install a RaspberryPi or Beaglebone single-board computer, a powered USB hub, and a couple of flash drives or USB hard drives. That would turn it into a nice set-top box, or a home server.

  • @Virtual Adept: with out any doubt it could my suggestion was based on my current prodject of coverting a NES in to a emulation machine but due to the software i want to run (emulations of systems up to ps2) i need an itx or micro atx board for my build. Tho i am planning on another build that will mostlikey use an RaspberryPI for the invintory tracking system in my workshop that is to help me keep track of my pain as my cureewnt excel shee is clunky and out of hand.

  • @mpientok: wanted to let you know i staarted my work log