Minecraft!: The Tested.com Community Minecraft Server Thread HD Perfect

Created by evil_gordita on Dec. 31, 2013, 8:02 p.m.
  • So there's a bunch of people on the list to get approved, but i didn't see any of them active on this thread or whatever, if we haven't added you, let us know

  • @evil_gordita: ah i was wondering why my inventory was blank last time i logged on

  • Ughhh...just one more reason to not get on for a few more weeks. This semester is kicking my ass.

  • Well with next week being my finals and classes over, I will have time for the server, probably.

  • lucky you...still got another month

  • @Rallier: pfft, come on Rallier everyone knows video games are more important. :P

  • @coopdegra: @Rallier: 7,000 more words to go before I'm free!

  • @Rallier: New title: A Hermeneutic Approach to Understanding Lorem Ipsum

  • @JeffreyGee: Man, and I was bitching about writing my shitty five page paper.

  • @coopdegra: It's done. It's 5000 words of "oh, he may have a point." and 2500 words of "oh, he's BSing here for more words."

  • @JeffreyGee: essays are the best form of writing

  • essays...ha, try critical analysis through hermeneutic methods of reified thinking in interaction design

  • @evil_gordita: Any news on an update to fix the inventory issue?

  • @JeffreyGee: fucking what? :P

  • @coopdegra: Skeuomorphs, bro.

  • I think the server is dead for real guys

  • @coopdegra: All my stuff was in my inventory at the update. It's funny how I remember exactly what I was doing just by looking at whats in my inventory and where I am. With both gone, I'm super confused as to why I'd every play the game in the first place.

  • been on the server a couple of times... all alone :(

  • @JeffreyGee: Damnit Seal, we have to finish that dumb town, i won't abandon another project :P

    @olla: I'll probably be on tomorrow during the day, I will get you approved then so you can get building. Welcome to the server!

  • @coopdegra: Sure. /home still works so I'm there.

  • @coopdegra thanks, do I need to be online when you are for this approval? been on the server again twice...

  • @olla: As long as you've been on the server once, we can approve you, i'll get you all set right now.

  • cool, it worked! Thanks a lot!

  • @JeffreyGee: Yeah, hey. Sorry man. I recently updated my backup of the server so I'm going to test some things.

    In the meantime, everybody please keep your inventory in chests when you log out because if I can permanently fix the issue, your inventory will be lost again.

  • Also, how about testedminecraft.club? Wanna join the club?

  • i want to join the club

  • anyone know why there is excessive spawning of chickens only in the creative world?

  • @JeffreyGee: @coopdegra: @zmaster: Guys, I think I had a break-through! We should arrange some time so I can forward some ports and everyone can connect to my test server to verify that the inventories look like what they're supposed to.

    Weekends are best time. I'll try to idle on the server and maybe you can catch me there.

    Everyone: Please remember, if you have something you're holding onto right now, stick it in a chest before it goes away again.

  • @evil_gordita: I'll try to go on tonight, around 8 pm EDT

    @Bummey OH SHIT BUMMEY, I got you approved dog

  • E3 GUYS