PSA, do NOT "play" Cookie Clicker

Created by Rallier on Sept. 3, 2013, 10:47 a.m.
  • Whoa they updated the website.... I might have to play it again to see what has changed.

  • What have you done?

    Gonna need a better mouse /edit

    In less than one day.

  • Hmm, so this is the new Candy Box?

    I think I like this trend.

  • dam you rallier dam you 5 days 5 days of my life wasted on this inanity

  • How do I redeem these?

  • @will: wish i woulda thought of that

  • I may be a bit late to the party, but:

    How you like me now? OK, full disclosure:

    Seriously though, I have total respect for a game that recognizes you messing with the javascript, and even includes achievements for doing so!

  • This is awesome.

    Anyone have any other games like this? Something maybe not based around making cookies?

  • I fell into this trap for a couple days. Thankfully an error where it didn't save kept me from continuing.

  • @Rallier: Yeah I only played it a few weeks ago.

    What happened was I had it open in chrome, and then at some point I opened it in another window and 'played' it in there. At some other point I closed that window, and the instance running in the old window saved over everything I did.

  • @Rallier: Yeah, I am going to put it into the 'beta' mode and see what the dungeons are all about. I can see this going into all sorts of crazy directions. Speaking of...@bleero: Have you tried "Frog Fractions"?

  • I found a thing that you can toggle that clicks around 50 times per second. It breaks the game. The game seemed to be patched to block any faster than that. I used to be able to set the autoclicker to 500 and it would go insanely fast but that doesn't work now.