Heroes of Steel - Fantasy RPG KickStarter

Created by fallen on Jan. 31, 2013, 8:15 p.m.
  • None of your games have really been my bag but I continue to be impressed with your efforts. This one, though, actually looks like the kind of game I might be interested in. Only problem with game Kickstarters like this one is that all I have to go on is a lot of talk about setting, characters, and other fluff that doesn't actually tell me anything about the game itself. I know it's still in pre-alpha, but giving at least some idea about the gameplay is really important when you're asking people for money to make a game. I'll be keeping an eye on it, though!

  • @lane - thanks a ton for the feedback, that is really helpful. It is our first KickStarter, so having a backers-eyes is great. I will make sure that we address the gap for you in some of our Updates to the project. Also, there are a few sites that we have given more details to about game play who should be posting some updates for us. Once they have, I can post the links here or just directly share the content and images.

    So far, our games have spread pretty widely across genres (space, tactical space battle, cyberpunk and now fantasy rpg), and I know from our forum that many of our gamers love one game because they love the genre. I do hope you find HoS more up your alley! It will be very different from the others, that's for sure.

  • @lane - we've just posted our first update about Heroes of Steel to help answer your questions and all the other interested parties asking about game play. Its not -all- the answers in the world, but I hope it informs you whether or not you'll like a game like Heroes of Steel. Thanks again for the input and helping us decide what to focus on for our first update!


  • @fallen:

    So a mix of JRPG and wargaming a la Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea? Cool.

  • @lane - other people we have shared the design with have said items more like "team Rogue" or "mobile Heroes Quest." The difference from something like Final Fantasy Tactics is that in Tactics you always end up in a small battle where the tactics are localized to a little map, sometimes with terrain and blockers. The combat ends quickly when all the enemies are dead or the story elements play out.

    For Heroes of Steel, the regions will larger and your team can move about it independently when you'd like, or together if you are simply traveling. The tactical maps and challenges in the game / story will be larger, spread across a wider map and often force you to separate your team to achieve the objectives. This tosses the "Rogue" element into the game, where you are crawling a larger dungeon and executing tactics on a larger scale than in FF Tactics. At the same time, you are controlling a team of up to four heroes, each with their own skills (including stealth characters who can slip past or around combat challenges!) to defeat challenges, fight larger battles.

    We've posted another update about the art. I am not sure if it qualifies as JRPG, as I don't think the art is anime style, but I am not sure that is the only defining characteristic of a JRPG?

    Update #3: Cleric Character Design and Art


    We also posted an earlier update about the Alpha Access we will provide. We believe Trese Brothers takes an extremely unique approach to working directly with our community as we build our games, and are being sure to bake that right into the KickStarter for HoS. If you pledge at the Alpha Access reward or higher, you can get in on the ground floor to help us steer development with your feedback at earlier stages.

    Update #2 - Alpha Access


  • @fallen:

    "Team Rogue" as in "Team Nethack?"

    Shut up and take my money.

  • @lane - LOL, if I had only know the magic words! We'd love any support you are interested in giving, including sharing with your friends and network who might love the idea of a Team Nethack!

  • @fallen:

    @LtSquigs will be all over it if it delivers on that promise, I know that much.

  • Haha, I guess the hard thing with a KickStarter is that we can't deliver yet. We need to get the word out and to get the community to help us make it happen. Cory and I (Trese Brothers Games) have produced and loyally supported 3 Android games over the last 2.5 years, issuing hundreds of updates to our players. But, we've hit a point where we simply can't make more games without some small cash infusions to "fund" the additional time to build additional games.

    Hope you can help us make it happen!

  • Released another update, this one detailing the benefits of the Mighty Starter item reward!


    If you like the idea of a turn-based fantasy RPG spreading over an immersive dungeon world, join us on our KickStarter or help share our project with your friends and network!

  • Thanks to all the Tested forum members who helped share and support this project! Excited to say we have met our funding goal with 12 days left to go. Now its time to take on some stretch goals!

  • @lane and @LtSquigs - hope you will both check this game out and see if we delivered :) It's free to download and play the prologue (3-4 hours)!

  • @fallen:

    Got an iTunes link? I can't find it.

  • @lane - ahh, sorry ... not yet! It is still in the capable hands of the iOS review team. We hope it will land this week. I will post back here when it does.

    As somebody making phone apps, I am always amazed at how little attention Google pays to what gets on Google Play. I can deploy an app there in 0 seconds with no checks at all. Luckily, I am a one of the good-guy developers ;)

  • Heroes of Steel RPG has just gone live on the iOS App Store! Get it for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch!

    @lane - here is the iTunes link!


  • @fallen:

    Slammin'. Installing it now. Well, after I delete the 2GB of unlistened-to podcasts that are maxing out my storage capacity.

  • We have just released a major new update to Heroes of Steel Tactics RPG! Here is a blog post giving a run down on some of the new features as well:


    Heroes of Steel from App Store on iTunes


    Heroes of Steel on Google Play


    Heroes of Steel RPG on Amazon App Store


    Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this game

    v1.1.27 - 1/10/2013

    - 30% speed increase for characters / monsters

    - New: Menu button opens Game Menu / Pauses

    - Quest Log available off Game Menu

    - "Long Walk" bugs fixed - Ends combats after "Restore"

    - Enhancing display of Talent + Skill display

    - Enhancing Talent Detail display

    - Ethereal Anguish - AoE starts at Lvl 4

  • If you are enjoying Heroes of Steel on your iPhone or iPad, remember that it goes on sale tomorrow for your PC!

    Get your copy from Desura now!


  • It's been an amazing journey over the last year, through a KickStarter, a major mobile release, creeping into PC gaming and finally launching on Steam a few weeks ago! We hope you'll check our Heroes of Steel on Steam!


  • If you play games on your PC or Mac, this popular iOS title is on Steam and is now on massive sale for the Steam Summer Sale!

    Get Heroes of Steel for 50% off!


  • With 16 months in, we are finally coming to a close on wrapping up the KickStarter commitments. There are a few more, including adding OUYA support and shipping on last physical reward - but today we released Kincaid the Dueler and closed our $16K stretch goal! Huzzah!

    Slicing into the game, Kincaid brings a new aspect to game's tactics, providing an alternative for the heavy-damage and heavy-armor Vraes. Kincaid's strengths are in his martial prowess and his immense offensive and defensive abilities. Wielding only blades and throwing knives, Kincaid is fast, furious, and can stay standing even in the thick of group of enemies thanks to his mighty Sure Parry Talent. Among his friends, Kincaid has a unique knack for encouraging tactical coordination with his Flanking Unity Talent. He is the only character capable of hurling throwing daggers, relying on his Darting Steel Talent. Another first - Kincaid can lead your group as a Stealth character. And, his Level 18 Talent is the only melee Area of Effect Talent in the game. Not to mention, with Kincaid now in the game, you can choose up to 16 possible group combinations.

    v2.2.11 - 7/22/2014

    - Dueler now available - master bladesmen combining speed and finesse; new for $1.99

    - Added thrown weapons to the game - Dueler only

    - New unique combat talents including Sure Parry - Dueler only

    - Fixed display issue with Phalanx Shield Auto-block

    - Fixed Gates of Gholla Outlook bug, duplicate weapons in shops

    On Steam


    From App Store on iTunes


    On Google Play


    From Amazon App Store