Check out this awesome model of D0G from Half Life 2

Created by Finstern on May 31, 2012, 3:46 p.m.

  • First off, full disclosure: I know the person who made this, but it's awesome and it seem's like it's right up Tested's alley!

    D0G Pic 1

    D0G Pic 2

    D0G Pic 3

    For those of you who liked Volpin's appearance on "The Big Live Live Show, Live, This Time It's Live!" His creator goes into some detail of how she created the parts from scratch.

    The entire model needed to be reproduceable so the master pieces were molded using Rebound 25, with certain detail bits being molded in OOMOO 30 much like the PotatOS Project. This time there were over 20 molds and even one of the legs contained 13 individual pieces! This model was also cast using Smooth-On’s Smooth Cast 325 which was dyed black to help with the metallic paint job.

    The whole read is here at 3C Creations