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Created by xantar on March 16, 2012, 11:18 a.m.
  • It is not so much my internet, as it is other internets messing with your connections.

    As for other problems... well the lag/connection was mostly from a failing cable modem(It is better now), and well quite frankly I use my Internet for more than minecraft. Thank you

    I can access my server fairly ok from other internet providers, and from the university, and their network is horrific. So I dont know how poorly my internet preforms with others.

    My advise if you keep getting IO exception and connection errors, possibly try using google DNS servers &

    But chances are there is a bad hop in your connection route, for example multiple time sin the past comcast & ATT have had issues at their Texas Hub. for 2 months I could not play WoW.

    so try updating your minecraft, check your antivirus, possibly do a traceroute to minecraft.xantar.net(check for slow hops) and then use google dns.

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  • @xantar: minecraft.xantar.net

    stuff is broken a bit

  • @xantar:

    This seems to work ish

    server address: minecraft.xantar.net

    It Runs on a whitelist, please post your minecraft username to be whitelisted

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