Tested TF2: Return of the server.

Created by Conmused on Aug. 13, 2012, 2:20 p.m.
  • Try finding it by the IP and adding it to your favorites.

  • Hmm. I'm not having any luck. I must be doing something wrong. I click servers and type in either the IP or something like "Tested" into the keyword filter, right? I'm finding nothing.

    Edit: OK, don't mind me. The favorites tab has an entirely different set of options for adding IPs and things. Got it. Carry on.

  • @JJWeatherman: Good to see you found it :D


    The donations coffer runs dry after this month's bill. While I don't have a problem with paying for the server out of my own pocket, it hasn't had more than two concurrent users connected since October:

    Being the tightwad that I am, I'm not too keen on throwing money at a server that's not getting used. So, if you want the server to stay around, you can either a) make a donation (link in the first post), or b) start filling that baby up. The billing cycle starts on the 16th of each month, so unless the server starts getting funded and/or used, it will be shut down on February 16th.

    The other alternative is to convert the server to a game that the Tested community is actually interested in playing. If you've been secretly wishing for a Tested Unreal Tournament '99 server, now's the time to speak up. A list of games that NFO provides hosting for can be found here.

  • I will try and jump on this week!

    Bloody El

  • Ive tried to run servers before. its hard to get people to keep coming back if there's no clan or special feature that people enjoy. Maybe a poll of what people play the most would help.

    When ever i play i usually go to 24/7 2fort servers but that's just me.

  • @Cloppy:

    We had a TF2 server for quite a while that was really popular, but Will shut it down when Whiskey Media split up. I bought this server to replace it, but I think TF2's days of being gamers' multiplayer shooter of choice have come to an unfortunate end. Most of the TF2 servers I used to play on (immensely popular ones like the Reddit and Something Awful servers, which used to have a 15 minute queue to get into most of the time) are deserted now.

  • As much as I don't want to say it or see it happen, I think Lane is right. TF2 will still keep going, but not like it used to.

    I would like to see another multiplayer game we could get Tested back into. Any other suggestions?

  • @GTFShadow: @lane:

    I would suggest minecraft but i think there is a server already. However there are plenty of games on steam/origin. How about a Garry's mod, terraria, counter-strike, Battlefield, Day-z(Arma) just to name a few. I am sure there are other mods and stuff too but i cant search the internets at work like that :). the rest of the popular games i see are MMOs or dont have dedicated servers. The one thing i think the community does need is some kind of voice server. It makes it so much easier to play games when talking to people. If anyone is up to try it im usually on after work.

    I am playing around with a teamspeak server now. its on the east coast. if it gets popular i can move it to central somewhere with more ports. other possibilites are ventrilo and mumble

    ts.thetraverse.net:9987 (default port)

  • @Cloppy:

    There's a Mumble server running on the TF2 server. testedtf2.murmur.nfoservers.com:12310

    Also, there are plenty of other games to host a server for. The question is whether or not they'll be used, which is why I asked if there was another game the community would be interested in playing. I'm not too keen on throwing money at a server that never sees any players.

  • oh that mumble server is good to know is that used often?

    as for the servers yea that's how most of mine ended up too unfortunately. I tried getting startup clans in there but that never works out they promise to bring in people but it never works. if theres an agreement on a game i would totally be up for playing there. i suggested a few but its how the majority feels and actually wants to play

  • @Cloppy said:

    oh that mumble server is good to know is that used often?

    Never. =(

  • Yes, there is a Minecraft server and it is also hosted at NFO. I don't think we need another ;)

  • Well let's brainstorm a bit and see if we can't get another game going to have a dedicated server for. We can start another thread or re-use this one.

  • yea a new thread would probably be for the best

  • I had an idea for this last night, So what about the server changing games every month or so, have a big community game night to kick things off and depending on how long it can stay popular it may last longer than that month, we could rotate between games like Tf2, Quake, whatever. Let's think of something

  • @coopdegra: It sounds like a fine idea, but the problem mostly rests in getting people together. We might need more "relevant" games than TF2 and Quake.

  • @Conmused: lol yeah newer games would probably be preferable, what if we poll the people to see what the want to play. Can we use that steam group to push out notifications to let people know that we are playing a game, or we have some event going on

  • @coopdegra: i like the idea. even though its not a recent game there still could be a fun popular mod or map that people like to play. as for the server its probably gonna have to be a pretty beefy box to run any game/mods we want. also it would require full admin access to change and modify said server which is pretty expensive in itself. If someone here has access to that steam group that sounds like a good start to gather people. If access isnt available yea starting over would be harder but Steam is the easiest way to gather at first.

  • @Cloppy: yeah, I'm not sure how much the current server host allows us to mess with mods and such.

  • @coopdegra: most server companies give you basic FTP access start stop abilities but if you want to change command line or max players that stuff is restricted. Changing games is a automated processes too but chances are you get a new IP, port and stuff like that. This is just speaking from past experience.

    Also another question is where is everyone located? I am on the east coast USA so for me playing on a west coast server is rare. i don't usually go past 60 ms for FPS games which are east and central servers for me. Now if its a game that does not rely so much on latency then it doesn't really matter. Also not to mention time zone stuff too is an issue.

  • What about something like day z

  • @coopdegra said:

    What about something like day z

    That might be fun.

  • @coopdegra: i dont have that game but lets start with an event. i would like to play something with a group :)

  • Sorry guys, I've been out of town and I'm getting caught up.

    1. imho, if we can't fill a server for one game there's no way in hell we're going to fill one for a different game every month.

    2. Switching games is pretty painless since (as best I recall) their servers are beefy, hypervised semi-bare-metal that only require the click of a button to spawn a new instance, and NFOS is pretty good about allowing you to install whatever third-party shit you want. However, switching games isn't free, and I'm not made of money.

    3. After a debate that almost ended in bloodshed, the server ended up being hosted in Chicago. I chose this because it wasn't particularly close to anyone, adopting the South Park mantra of "if you offend everyone, you offend no one."

    4. NFO (along with most bigger game server hosts) doesn't do DayZ. Partly because it's still buggy as all hell, but mostly because of all the bullshit they require from server admins.

  • @lane: Well my idea is that people are attracted to the new stuff and are willing to stick around for a short period of time but not for the super long term, on the minecraft server for the bigger updates we always get an influx of people, but that tapers off after a few weeks or so.

    I think we can still get people to donate, but we need to get people first. If we can use the steam group to have event, or even plan something out like a community TNT.

    Yeah I don't even own arma or day z, just throwing ideas out

  • OK guys, I've been lazy regarding the server but this is really for real last call. Server bills have been coming 100% out of my pocket since April, while the usage graph looks something like this:

    The server will be going offline on August 16thunless:

    1. Average connected players on the weekly graph rises above 12. Here's the graph for the last week:

    2. Enough donations come in to cover 75% of next month's server bill. The server costs $26.39/month to operate. This means that $20 in donations will keep the server afloat. While I don't mind chipping in each month to make up the difference, I also don't want to keep throwing money at an unused server. If you don't want to donate, then just play on the server to help satisfy condition #1 instead.

    3. Enough donations come in with requests for another game. On the donation page, there's a comment box. If you don't play TF2 but would like to see a different game hosted for the Tested community, leave me a note telling me what game you'd like to see instead. BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: donations are non-refundable regardless of whether your request ends up being fulfilled. Sorry, but this is a limitation of the donation system. I'd highly suggest making a post to see whether others are interested as well before you donate.

    Special note about DayZ: Due to some changes the DayZ developers have made, it's possible to run the game on hosted servers now. However, unlike most other games, it requires an unmanaged server. Without getting into specifics, this means that DayZ requires a slightly more expensive hosting package. I don't know for sure exactly how little hardware you can get away with, but a DayZ server would cost between $34.99 and $54.49 per month. Keep this in mind if you really want to see a Tested DayZ server.

    The donation page can be found here. Good hunting.