MINECRAFT: Tested.Com Official and ever expanding server!

Created by xantar on March 15, 2012, 7:22 p.m.
  • @coopdegra:



    These two are just thoughts. I'd much rather go with the below. It's an area due west of Cormina. It'd be more of a fortress than a castle.


    And in this style. I have a few towers up in the area already.


    Edit 56: Fuck it, I can't figure out this forum.

  • @JeffreyGee: What mean these outlines, i am guessing the line around the squares and circles are some sort of walls, I guess the circles and squares stand for buildings?

  • Yea, squares are buildings, circles are towers.

  • @JeffreyGee: so either we tear up a bunch of stuff in cormina or just relocate to that island near cormina

  • @coopdegra: Yea, I'm going for the relocate bit. I'm not particularly fond of the former.

  • @JeffreyGee: I keep missing you by an hour every time i go on, i'm starting to question if you are ever real anymore

  • whitelist please: Jdon1990

  • @coopdegra: Goddammit

  • @oakwind: did you fill out the form?

  • @oakwind:  Ok I see that you did, but you got the golden rule wrong, tell me here and I'll get you approved ASAP
  • @oakwind: added

  • @JeffreyGee said:

    @evil_gordita: Necessary? No. Funny? Yes!

    You all know about Westeroscraft correct?


    That is so awesome!!!

  • Quintals added

  • @dmoncla: Can I have you add me when you get a free moment?

    Filled out the form :)

  • I can't log on right now. I keep getting connection failures. I need to add you and one other user. @coopdegra@WolfOfOne@evil_gordita if you guys can get on please add the guys from the list I can't log on.

  • @dmoncla: Yeah bratch said he was having similar issues, I'll get the guy added

    EDIT: Jk i cant get on now either

    EDIT: EDIT: i added them now

  • @coopdegra: Thanks, Not only could I not lot on to our Tested/Xantar server I couldn't log on to Z's either. Then to follow that up my internet went down for almost 2 days!!! AHHHH!!!

  • Yeah the DNS went down caus of anonymous taking out godaddy.

    otherwise things are fine now

  • Please white-list Oakenvalley in minecraft! :)
  • @Calle: Welcome to the server

  • @Barta@Dracaeboy@razzitron - All are added. Welcome to the server. Have fun and remember the "Golden Rule".

  • Hola mi amigos. Y tu mama tambien.

  • @Bratcher_Lev: my spanish must be on the fritz... what does hello my friends, and your mom too have to do with this? LOL

  • @WolfOfOne: Nothing really. I just realized I hadn't been a part of the thread for several, several months, so I thought I should drop by and say something. But when I got here I couldn't think of anything important to say, so I apparently skipped straight to spanish non sequitars.

    Yo tango el gato in lost pantalones. No me gusta, mi familia es en fuego.

  • @Bratcher_Lev: I tango the cat in lost pants. I don't, my family is on fire?.....lol,that ones even better

  • @darkdragonsoul99: Growing pains, or something. Catch an Op. If they can't figure out how to fix, tell them I said to check their PMs.

  • @darkdragonsoul99: I think you're fixed.

    I've also skimmed through the white-list to make sure some of our more active members are taken care of, though I may have missed names.

  • Ok. I have a legit thing to post.

    For a long time I've been meaning to go back and watch the video(s?) of the old Testopia server. I remember at least one, where Norm gives a tour. I assumed it was a stand alone video, but I am having a hell of a time finding it. Was it done during a Happy Hour? Anybody remember which one?

  • @Bratcher_Lev: Yeah, it was during the Happy Hour. Um... This episode: http://www.giantbomb.com/whiskey-media-happy-hour-100110/17-3314/

  • @scraps69: what is your minecraft username?